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18 April, 2024
● Zucchetti Spain continues its steady expansion process with the acquisition of iArchiva, a young company with a powerful solution for document process automation.
● The benchmark software solutions manufacturer thus boosts its market presence by accessing new sectors and expanding its offering with a new intelligent document process management software.
● The transaction represents a major step forward and a reinforcement of the company's solvency and business strategy that will enable iArchiva to offer a robust, innovative and evolved service thanks to the backing of the Zucchetti Group.

Zucchetti Spain continues to open new paths for its business growth through the acquisition of iArchiva, a young company with an innovative IDP solution for document process automation. iArchiva has already managed more than 60 million documents and has important clients such as Banco de Crédito Cooperativo, Grupo Primafrío or EMT Madrid (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid).

With this new acquisition, iArchiva consolidates its strategic presence in the document automation solutions market and expands its horizons to strengthen its position in the global market.

Zucchetti Spain, a subsidiary of Zucchetti Group in Spain and spearhead of its international expansion in the Spanish market, adds a new manufacturer through this recent acquisition, which will enrich its software offer, following the previous incorporations of Solmicro, IDS, i68, Arión, Seteco, Sarce and Altai.

iArchiva is a modular, intelligent document process management software that allows customers to customize, integrate and automate administrative processes in a single tool.

While many companies are still working with very specialized tools that are difficult and costly to scale, iArchiva is not based on document structuring. It moves freely in the analysis of the different files received by the company, extracting the relevant data for each area, thus helping to save time and improve productivity. It is a flexible tool, with a high capacity of configuration and scalability, which does not require programming and allows to be oriented to IaaS services. It also has vertical solutions in the agri-food, transportation, distribution and hotel sectors.

It is an intelligent document automation software that responds to the current needs of companies that do not know what kind of documents or in what format they will receive them. This innovative solution searches for relevant information in the documents through natural language processing and allows the information to be located, which allows it to be managed more quickly, efficiently and economically.

With this new operation, Zucchetti Spain consolidates its expansion strategy in the Spanish market and expands its range of services, also covering the growing need for document automation in companies.

The acquisition of iArchiva by Zucchetti Spain is based on the perfect alignment between its product philosophy and business strategy, focused on innovation and service quality.

In a constantly evolving scenario, "this alliance allows us to offer even more robust services and innovative solutions to our customers, while driving iArchiva's evolution and growth in the Spanish IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) market," says Ferreira.

This operation is also a reinforcement of iArchiva's solvency and a total guarantee for customers, suppliers and company staff, thanks to the support of Zucchetti Spain and the Zucchetti Group and their focus on investing in innovative solutions and the development of a close and personalized service.




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