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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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02 July, 2024

Zubiola, founded in 1966 in Azpeitia, has travelled a remarkable technological journey over almost six decades. Initially dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for the furniture industry, Zubiola has been able to evolve and adapt to market changes, focusing on the manufacture of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools for the automotive and aeronautics sectors. Today, these sectors account for two-thirds of the company's business.

In 2007, the company moved to Azkoitia, which marked a turning point in its history. This strategic move allowed Zubiola to penetrate more demanding and sophisticated markets, driving innovation in the manufacture of high-precision cutting tools.

Challenges in the Aeronautical Industry

The aeronautical industry is in a continuous process of automating processes that were previously carried out manually. This change demands cutting tools with superior precision. In addition, modern aircraft use lighter and more abrasive materials, such as titanium and carbon fibre, which require more advanced and stronger tools.

One of the main challenges in this sector is the drilling of carbon fibre reinforced polymers, which can cause complications such as chip removal, temperature rise and lack of cutting edge strength. These problems demand innovative and highly specialised solutions.

Zubiola's Innovative Solutions

Zubiola has responded to these needs with advanced technologies in the machining of materials for the aeronautical industry. Among the technologies incorporated are polycrystalline diamond one-shot tools and integrated machining cells. These solutions have proven to be effective in improving the drilling of composite materials, reducing cycle time and machining costs.

Benefits of Zubiola Solutions

  • The innovations introduced by Zubiola have provided numerous benefits to the aeronautical industry, such as:
  • Improved drilling of composite materials, ensuring cleaner and more accurate cuts.
  • Reduced cycle time and machining costs, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Increased competitiveness of machining tools, allowing companies to better adapt to market demands.
  • Opportunity to open up to the machining of new stacks, expanding the capabilities and applications of the tools.

Zubiola has proven to be a leader in innovation within the tool manufacturing industry. Its ability to adapt and evolve with market needs has been crucial to its success. With its focus on high precision and the incorporation of advanced technologies, Zubiola continues to be a key player in the automotive and aeronautics sectors, offering solutions that respond to the industry's most demanding challenges.

The company remains committed to continuous improvement and excellence, consolidating its position as a benchmark in the manufacture of high-tech cutting tools in Azkoitia, Gipuzkoa.





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