Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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06 March, 2024

In a strategic move geared towards innovation and continuous improvement, ZAYER has decided to invest in the advanced technology startup Vixion Connected Factory, known for its significant role in the development of connectivity solutions for the manufacturing industry. This investment will enable ZAYER to become a shareholder of Vixion, focusing on the integration of data mining and artificial intelligence into the business, in line with the principles of Industry 4.0.

Vixion Connected Factory, backed by research and development entity TECNALIA, was established in late 2017 with a vision to bring cutting-edge technology to the industrial sector. The company specialises in creating solutions to connect industrial machines and production plants, benefiting both manufacturers and end users. Through more than a decade of research in the machinery sector, Vixion has developed a unique ability to analyse machine behaviour by combining real-time data with historical records.

On the other hand, ZAYER has shown a constant commitment to Industry 4.0 since 2014, investing in research and development and collaborating with other significant players in the sector, including research centres. This partnership with Vixion not only reaffirms that commitment but also marks a step forward in its technological approach. Two years ago, ZAYER implemented HORUS NX, an advanced version of Vixion's solution, connecting all of its machines and adopting a smarter and more efficient approach to manufacturing.

The agreement between ZAYER and Vixion brings with it multiple benefits. For ZAYER, it represents an opportunity to advance the servitisation of its business, focusing on data mining to develop a smarter, more efficient fleet of products. For Vixion, the collaboration means a significant boost in terms of know-how and speed, as well as strengthening its technology and consolidating its position as a key technology partner in the machine tool sector.

This strategic agreement not only symbolises the coming together of two innovative forces in the field of advanced manufacturing, but also underlines the importance of cooperation between traditional companies and technology start-ups for the future of Industry 4.0. With this investment, ZAYER is not only looking to improve its own operations, but is also committed to driving the digital transformation of the entire machine tool industry.




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