Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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22 October, 2018

Last Thursday, the Basque technology company VIXION-SPYRO received over 200 professionals in the San Sebastian Miramon Science and Technology Park for their 21st Congress, entitled: “Welcome to a new era: Business opportunities in the age of digital transformation”. During the morning, the visitors and speakers had an opportunity to analyse the opportunities that digital transformation offers to businesses, and the organisational and personal changes implied by this new revolution.

Discussion centred on the ways in which technology offers innovation in products, services and processes and allows businesses to increase their productivity. “The challenge is always to make an industry more competitive and achieve greater success in the global context. This inevitably requires digital transformation”, asserts Ricardo Gonzalez, managing director of VIXION-SPYRO.

“This digital revolution”, he added, “does not just involve technology. It has a lot to do, above all, with transforming people so that they can adapt to the new digital setting, and with how companies adapt. Today, not moving into the digital era is not an option. Getting on board is to create real possibilities for continuing to exist in the future, and to do this, we must be adventurous, restless, values that we in VIXION-SPYRO share”, insists Ricardo Gonzalez.

Iñigo Lazkanotegi, Vixion’s Technical Director, stressed that “the creation of Vixion inside SPYRO is a milestone, since it is a software product that is 100% integrated into the machine. This software connects to the data sources in the machine and uploads them into the cloud, and this allows us to compare machines, to keep a log, etc. And we have partners in this like Beckhoff and Oracle”, he added.

Oscar Jauregui, commercial director and board member in Khegal Aeronautica - a company that has collaborated in the Vixion project from its inception - stressed in his intervention that “digital transformation has helped us to directly create value, but it is more than this, it also means a change in how we in the company think. You don’t have to be a big company to have the latest technology”, he insisted.

Xabier Bastarrica, commercial and marketing director, spoke about the new organizational culture that digital transformation brings to SMEs. “The fourth industrial revolution will have an impact on peoples’ lives, on company culture and business models. Excellence in the digital transformation strategy requires that the entire organisation believes in it and understands it; without the illusion for change, we shall never succeed”, he told us.

Moreover, the Congress included a round table discussion on digital transformation in SMEs that highlighted aspects such as that digital transformation constitutes an opportunity for SMEs “that can improve their processes and achieve a tremendous transformation just by digitalizing 3 or 4 aspects of their organisation”; it is also an evident competitive advantage for these companies.

The Congress also offered opportunities to see diverse solutions and novelties related to connectivity and intelligent factories, integrated technologies, solutions for real-time risk management and solutions in the cloud, among others. The Congress featured presentations by companies and organisations such as Oracle, Vixion, Khegal Aeronáutica, SPRI, Adegi, CounterCraft, Axesor and Sensornor.

Closing Ceremony and SPYRO Prizes

Arantxa Tapia, a councillor in the Department for Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government, led the closing ceremony of the 21st SPYRO Congress, which was attended not only by professionals from the Basque Autonomous Community, but also from other communities, such as Andalusia, Galicia, Catalonia, The Canary Islands and Navarra, among others.

In her speech, Tapia commented that “we hear a lot about digitalization and the cloud, and for this to become a reality we need a good network infrastructure. In the Government - she said - we intend that this connectivity should reach everywhere possible, so that we can all have the same opportunities, so that the Basque Country is well connected”.

Along the same line, she added that “the more connected we are, the more opportunities we shall have, but there are also risks, and for this reason, cybersecurity is crucial. We have focussed especially on this point in the Basque Cyber Security Centre, which is intended to offer services to Basque companies and help them to grow, not to compete with them.

Within the framework of their 21st Congress, the Basque technology company presented the SPYRO Prizes, which reward the confidence and commitment of the companies that participate in the company’s Clients’ Committee. The companies that have been awarded these prizes are: Aceros Moldeados de Lacunza, Bexen Medical, Grupodesa, Irizar Forge, Ingapan, Egatel, Monag, Fegemu Automatismos, Fermax, SMG, Orbinox and Turbo Motor Inyección.




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