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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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20 May, 2019

The Basque manufacturer of quality control solutions, Innovalia Metrology, is developing a strategic project in collaboration with ACICAE and the main automotive players: Gestamp, for the sheet metal segment; Maier, in the plastic one; and CIE Automotive, in the field of mechanized parts; aimed to achieve the manufacturing of all the components developed in the automotive factories with zero defects.

The Zeroehun project consists of providing a quality control platform for automotive design where product quality data is correlated with process quality data to optimize the latter and hence not produce any defective parts.

The project, framed in the Strategic Hazitek program of the Basque Government, has a global budget for the whole consortium of close to 4 million euros, of which 1.3 million correspond to the action carried out by Innovalia.

Innovalia Group has pointed out that although each company has an individual exploitation plan; conversations have started in search of a joint exploitation.

Individually, Innovalia Metrology, thanks to Trimek, will continue to develop new versions, improving aspects related to the treatment of large amounts of quality data that come from different sources, as quickly as possible and in real time and relating them to the process and will launch a new quality control platform in 2020. "The data is the key", says the president of the Innovalia group, Jesús de la Maza. The aim is to achieve data capture and analysis systems that allow avoiding potential defects in an agile manner, in line with zero defects manufacturing. "It is one of the priorities of the industry and of all innovation programs."

As pointed out by Jesús de la Maza, from a strategic point of view, Innovalia Metrology, framed in the world of metrology and dimensional quality, seeks to "generate its own solutions that will reach the market with a differential of individualized added value". "Technologically we are working in that line, trying to collaborate with the big ones, from our facilities in the AIC".

In the international chapter, Innovalia, which is installing two of its duplex machines for measurement and control of car bodies with optical sensors, in Detroit; and at the facilities of the electric car manufacturer, Karma Automotive, in California; has set Mexico and the United States as target markets. Thus, the current approach the group aims to continue growing by expanding its network of distributors abroad.

Source: Empresa XXI




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