Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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31 October, 2023Once again, Donostia becomes the capital of advanced and digital manufacturing, thanks to AFM Cluster, which today inaugurated the 23rd edition of the Advanced and Digital Manufacturing Congress. Over three days, experts in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies gather in San Sebastián for an event that combines presentations, discussions, B2B meetings, and an exhibition area.

The President of AFM Cluster, José Pérez Berdud, stated that the sector they represent is an "essential part of the solution to the major global transformations" and that the congress aims to take a long but precise look at the challenges of the manufacturing sector.

The Lehendakari (Basque President), in his address, emphasized that "advanced manufacturing technologies are crucial for the industrial development of any country." He also added, "there cannot be competitive industry or economic transformation without state-of-the-art technological assets and equipment."

The first presentation, given by renowned journalist and communicator Iñaki Gabilondo and Pedro Etxenike, a scientist specialized in solid-state physics, focused on the future and the challenges posed by technological advances to the society of the future. Following their presentation, there was a session on the effects of AI integration in the industry, featuring Enrique Dans, Professor of Innovation at IE Business School / IE University, and experts from MICROSOFT.

Throughout the day, attendees also enjoyed presentations on disruptive technologies such as 5G, Industrial Cybersecurity, robotics, automation, and digitization, led by experts from companies like ABB, SIEMENS, TELEFÓNICA, and IBM.

On the other hand, the scientific-technical congress will include presentations that showcase the results and potential applications of various R&D projects from technological centers, universities, and companies. These presentations are targeted at a more technical audience interested in specific details of complex problem-solving.

In 2023, the 23CMH offers a dual program with a security congress and a wealth of discussions, presentations, roundtable discussions, and B2B meetings aimed at promoting networking and creating new collaboration opportunities among the 450 expected participants in this event.

The congress is supported by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability, and the Environment of the Basque Government, and the SPRI Group.

Closing Ceremony

During the closing ceremony of the congress, which will take place on October 27, five awards will be presented: one for the best final project related to the advanced and digital manufacturing sector, another for the best presentation given in Basque, a third for the best presentation in poster format, a fourth for the best communication presented by the scientific and technical community, and a fifth for the most innovative presentation presented by a company.

Furthermore, Xavier Marcet, a consultant in strategy, innovation, and organizational transformation, will conclude the congress with a presentation on the importance of leadership and talent management.


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