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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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01 February, 2018

The Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tool sector has closed the 2017 financial year with a 5.31% increase in its production with respect to the 2016 data, amounting to 1.57billion Euros.This growth has mainly been due to the magnificent year experienced by the metal forming subsector manufacturers, who, after an exceptional year of order acquisition in 2016, present an increase of 20.61%.The figures corresponding to components (+5.76%), tools (+7.67%), accessories (+13.18%), and machining and other services (+8%) have also experienced an upward trend.The metal cutting subsector manufacturers have maintained the figure with a slight recession of 0.97%.

 Antxon Lopez Usoz, president of AFM, shows his satisfaction:“Generally speaking, the year has been good for the sector.With some favourable economic perspectives and with capacity to offer flexible production solutions anywhere in the world, we are now collecting the fruits of our commitment to innovation, internationalisation and stable employment.After a very high order acquisition in 2016, driven by the large presses, in 2017, our factories have pulled out all the stops to deliver their products and applications, and this has enabled us to increase our turnover by more than 5% “.


Exports, which continue with the last financial years’ record-breaking trend, have increased by a slightly higher percentage than production, - 6.21% -, amounting to 1.25 billion Euros. The strong growth of metal forming (+24.97%) and the slight decline of metal cutting (-4.32%) is also repeated here.

Regarding machine tools, in the analysis by countries (with data until the month of October), the ten major destinations of our exports:  Germany at the head, representing 14.9% of the Spanish exports, China in second place, with 10.9%, and Mexico in third place, with 9.7%, occupy the same places as in 2016. Behind them, and improving their figures, USA, 7.7%, and France, 6.3%.Then, Portugal, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom and India.

 Lopez Usoz declares:“If we look at the exports, in 2017 in Europe, both Germany and France, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom have done very well.In the NAFTA area, Mexico, USA and even Canada have born up. And in Asia, India has recovered positions, after the uncertain 2015 and 2016, and China, as second destination, has strengthened its position.The data in Turkey and in the Eastern European countries are also good, as well as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.In contrast, neither Brazil nor Russia have recovered the levels they reached in 2013 or 2014, despite their enormous potential”.


In 2017, domestic consumption grew at the same rate as production and export in the sector, 5.08%, recovering a positive tone after the stagnation experienced in 2016. The figure, however, is still low, and it is estimated that it is about 25% less than its real potential, for a country that aims to increase the weight of industry in its GDP.


After the atypical order acquisition growth in 2016 (+22%, which is based on the extremely important entry of orders in the metal forming subsector – metal cutting dropped slightly by 4%-), this financial year has closed with a 10% drop, which is clearly positive.Metal cutting has acquired 10.7% more, and metal forming, although it has dropped by 26.5% with respect to a fantastic 2015, has grown, however, by 15.5% respect to 2015.

 By markets, acquisitions have improved significantly in almost all contexts, most especially in Europe, with the exception of the NAFTA markets (USA, Mexico and Canada).Asia has yielded unequal results for metal cutting (better) and for metal forming.


Despite the drop in the entry of orders, already explained, the order portfolios are good, so, in 2018 and based on our forecasts, we are expecting the 2017 growth tendency to be maintained. There is a reasonable estimate that both turnover and exports will continue to grow by figures close to 5%.

 Regarding acquisition, it is still early to speculate in this regard, but it is fair to say that no major shocks are expected in a world scenario of growth acceleration, with the European continent that appears to be on the crest of a positive cycle.

 Xabier Ortueta, Director General of AFM Cluster:“We have reason to believe that we will continue to show our competitiveness in different cutting-edge solutions for industry; there is no doubt about that.I believe that if the year ends as it looks like doing, it will be a positive financial year for advanced manufacturing in the world”.


 The digital and advanced manufacturing AFM Cluster was consolidated in 2017.According to its president:We represent more than 480 companies with a turnover of more than 2.5 billion Euros and with more than 12,000 jobs.Our vocation is to continue growing and integrating companies from the machine-tool, additive manufacturing, hand tool, industrial supply, and mechanical engineering, which want to contribute to improving the competitiveness of industry and the progress of our society.

The increasing Industry’s digitalisation offers an excellent opportunity to provide new and more added value to our customers, offering more solutions, more efficient and productive machines.

BIEMH 2018

 Once again this year, Bilbao will host the main industrial event of our country, the Machine Tool Biennial, BIEMH, which will be held from 28 May to 1 June in the BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre), and which we organise between BEC and AFM.

Like the sector and the association, its main fair continues to grow and it does so by incorporating new shows that complete the already enormous existing offer.Thus, on this occasion, in addition to ADDIT3D and WORKINN, which are already being held for the third time, BEDIGITAL will be held, the first event geared towards the industrial application of digital technologies, as well as IMIC, Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference.

The perspectives respect to the exhibition and the visitors are magnificent, and once again we will open and use the 6 BEC pavilions. We already have a fantastic number of pre-registrations at this early stage.   Undoubtedly, the BIEMH, and all the parallel events, are going to be an excellent lever to increase investments and consumption in Spain.


AFM General Meeting:11 May 2018, San Sebastian, Science and Technology Park of Guipuzcoa
BIEMH-ADDIT3D-BEDIGITAL:from 28 May to 1 June, BEC (Bilbao)
WORKINN:from 30 to 31 May, BEC (Bilbao)

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    AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

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    AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

    AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

    Tel.: +34 943 309009

    Fax.: +34 943 309191



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