Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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13 March, 2019

General deputy Markel Olano visited on the 12th of March Loire Gestamp accompanied by Ainhoa Aizpuru, Deputy of Economic Promotion, Rural Environment and Territorial Balance. The provincial authorities were received by the CEO of the company, César Garbalena, who is in turn president of AFM and Xabier Ortueta, CEO of AFM. After a first business meeting, all of them visited the facilities of more than 8.000 m2 the company owns in Hernani, and had the chance to get to know the work Loire Gestamp makes in the design and manufacturing of all tipes of hydraulic presses and press lines, which are installed in production centres across the world.

The general deputy highlighted the importance of having companies like Loire Gestamp in Gipuzkoa, that make visible “the economic and industrial potential of the territory, with a very competitive business network, open to the world and commited to innovation and continuous improvement”. He added that “Loire Gestamp is an example of this, an international referent in the field of machine-tool, and commited to further deepening in a strategic sector, such as the automotive sector”.

In a context of economic recovery, in which there are “important uncertainties”, the general deputy made an appeal to “keep on pushing competitiveness of the local industry”, with the goal to “seal the economy”. “The industrial network led our economy during the crisis, and has shown us the way to recovery. Advancing in digitalisation, innovation, internationalisation means strenghtening our industry, sealing our economy and making Gipuzkoa a more competitive territory in the face of challenges that the future economy may bring”, declared Olano.

Loire Gestamp, which employs more than 180 workers, is characterised by its “firm intent” towards internationalisation, research and continuous development, with the objective of “approaching optimisation and innovation of market leading stamping lines that we manufacture”, explained César Garbalena, CEO of Loire Gestamp.

Loire Gestamp came into being in 2011 following the acquisition of Loire Safe by the Gestamp group, leader in the design and fabrication of metal components for the automotive sector present in 22 countries. The main fields of application of the presses they manufacture are hot stamping (technology in which Gestamp is global leader), cold stamping, hydroforming and try out of tools and dies. Loire Gestamp uses an advanced technology that allows the production of lighter and safer automotive components.

Loire Gestamp is an international-oriented company, focused on research and development, thus guaranteeing a high quality product and service and an innovative design adapted to the latest technology in the market, seeing as according to Garbalena, “innovation allows us to be more efficient and provide a better service to our clients, to go together constantly”.




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