Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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24 January, 2019

The company, which is located in Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa), will address an in-depth process of transformation and growth with this appointment.

The ERLO GROUP, a company with more than 60 years of history, is committed to the inclusion of top-level management professionals in their remarkable executive team, in which the owner and previous CEO, Pello Arizmendi, will take on operation management responsibilities.

Unai Zubeldia holds an industrial engineering degree awarded by the University of Navarra (TECNUN) and an MBA from Deusto. He has held various technical and executive positions for over 17 years in the railway industry (CAF). As Industry Director of the Loop Business Models consultancy firm, he has collaborated with several companies in the industrial network of the Basque Country, particularly with machine tool companies such as DanobatGroup, Etxe-Tar and the Erlo Group.

The new team has commenced its journey by launching an ambitious strategic plan for the Erlo Group, with the aim of fomenting sustainable growth and decisive development of international markets. This entails intensifying collaboration with technological centres, universities and professional training schools on the one hand and with strategic collaborators and partners on the other.

The company’s two lines of business are drilling and tapping machinery, marketed under the ERLO and IBERDRILL brands, and special solutions under the IBERMACH brand name.

The Erlo Group has more than 60 years of experience in the drilling and tapping machinery business and is the leading company in the European market. Mexico, Russia, Italy and Canada are the priority markets for which an ambitious business plan has been defined, in addition to updating drilling machinery designs.

Furthermore, Ibermach Special Machinery has consolidated its position in the market by increasing its fleet of machines and by entering sectors such as the automotive and energy industries. It is committed to a strategy of innovation and to offer high added-value applications, such as its Tapping Verification System, which has been already installed in two top-level client facilities and which represents an exponential leap in the tapping verifiers currently present in the market.

Moreover, as part of its commitment to offer excellent customer service, the Erlo Group has created the new Erlo Service brand to provide contracts for spare parts, preventive and corrective maintenance, retrofits or retooling, thereby offering their customers a comprehensive service that covers their entire product life cycle. This is being achieved by developing 4.0 tools and technologies, such as the new online sales platform and Erlo Cloud, which will appear on the market in the coming weeks.




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