Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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16 November, 2022Tecoi is a high-tech company that offers advanced solutions in the sheet metal processing industry. Tecoi models use laser, plasma and oxy-cutting systems as well as machining and edge milling to reach the maximum possible productivity levels.

The company undertakes end-to-end design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of all of its processing stations, both from its standard range and those customised to suit specific customers’ needs. Tecoi also stands out for the development of its own software, which, coupled with a strategy fundamentally based on automation and productive integration, has enabled the company to consolidate itself as a world benchmark in the so-called Industry 4.0.

Founded in 1995 in northern Spain, Tecoi has been growing continually, remaining steadfast in its commitment to innovation and development. Currently, although it has a wide range of products that enables it to cater to all kinds of demands, the company is renowned for its large-scale projects, particularly its laser cutting machines or its installations at some of the world’s top shipyards and wind farms.

With a presence in all five continents and all sectors of metal transformation, from steel mills and service centres to petrochemical factories, railways and aeronautics businesses, Tecoi models are perfect for all industries that require high levels of quality and efficiency in the manufacturing of their products. Their most compact and simple machines and their top-powered stations alike incorporate exclusive elements designed to optimise production and tackle high workloads.

Furthermore, the company also offers accessories geared towards complementing and facilitating the cutting process. A good example of this is their automatic sheet metal warehouse, which can store and access materials autonomously, directly from the machine bed, saving time and resources in the process, and equipped to fully control production at all times.

Currently, the company is following two important lines of investigation. On one hand, Tecoi has developed a multiple gantry system for its laser cutting stations, which expands its possibilities to new levels. These gantries, driven by Solomon software, operate independently and can be set to work in conjunction with each other or autonomously, which means a significant increase in productivity.

On the other hand, the company has just presented the new TRF PowerDrive, an even more powerful version of its prestigious machining station with unprecedented capabilities. Up to 115 kW in each workhead, which means a much higher processing speed than any other machine.

Source: Metalindustria.




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