Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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14 May, 2018

TECOI, the advanced plate processing systems manufacturer will be exhibiting at the new edition of the BIEMH 2018 in Bilbao from May, 30th to June, 1st with the most comprehensive catalogue in the market and the most up to date cutting and metal plate forming technology.

Visit the stand and check out the latest news in laser technology, plasma, oxy-fuel and plate machining, exclusive from TECOI. The innovations presented at BIEMH 2018 will enable the client to perform tasks easier and more efficiently.

Innovations presented at the fair:


The most complete high power machining and thermal cutting station on the market today. It is designed to carry out many different processes (plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, through and blind tapping, angular or straight countersinking, reaming, milling and high definition laser marking, plasma, scribing, etc.) with quality requirements and high capacity for medium and large dimensions. It stands out for its doubled rigidity, its armoured aesthetic and compact design. It is equipped with a 20 tools carrousel-charger and automatic dross and small parts extraction system. It is the perfect station for service centres, since using a THOR machine, the client portfolio can be expanded and many manufacturing of pieces, standard and complex, can be done on a single working space without wasting time in unnecessary movement of material.


TECOI´s multi-process station for large dimensions with options for plasma, bevel, oxy-fuel, drilling, marking and tube cutting. Available in different versions TEKNOS, TEKNOS COV and TEKNOS PANEL offering suitable performances to work as an independent station or as part of a productive process combined with TRF for edges preparation. The model, which will be presented at BIEMH, includes STO triple oxy-fuel head and laser marker MARKTEC among other innovations.




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