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15 February, 2016

SORALUCE DAS system has revolutionised the sector of the machine tool industry, reducing the risk of chatter during the machining process and thus improving cutting capacity of the machine by up to 300%.

The SORALUCE DAS System (Dynamics Active Stabilised) received the "Quality Innovation of the Year" award in the large company category on January 27th. The award ceremony took place in Tallinn, Estonia with the presence of Mr. Rafael Idigoras, Managing Director from SORALUCE, Prof. Dr. Iker Mancisidor, ‎Dynamics & Control Department Engineer at IK4-IDEKO, Technology Centre of DANOBATGROUP, Fernando Sierra, Director from Euskalit and Fernando García Casas, Spanish Ambassador in Estonia.

The competition, organized by the Finnish Quality Association, was hosted this year by the Estonian Association for quality (EAQ). Competing projects were mainly form European countries and Israel among others. The goal of the competition is to increase the number and quality of innovations in the competing countries.

The international evaluation team have found that, in the large company category, the innovation presented by SORALUCE had an outstanding rating in the five elements which were evaluated during this process: Novelty Value, Utility, Learning, Customer Orientation and Effectiveness.

The Head of the Jury of the Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 of Estonia, Ms. Tiia Tammaru, mentioned “the world of the machine tools have seen a real revolutions with the SORALUCE DAS System, an innovation that reduces to an extent unthinkable until now the risk of the appearance of chatter during the machining process, this multiplying the performance of the machine”.

The DAS system (patent pending) is the result of the joint effort between SORALUCE and IK4-IDEKO, technology centre of DANOBATGROUP; the group both SORALUCE and IK4-IDEKO belong to and has been tested at BIMATEC SORALUCE, the brand’s Centre of Excellence in Germany. This joint R&D&i work, which focuses on the real applications of users, has been materialised in a device capable of actively increasing the dynamic rigidity of the machine, which reduces the risk of chatter during the machining process and thus increases the cutting capacity by up to 300%.

The operation of the DAS also improves surface quality and reduces the risk of tool breakages by increasing their useful lifetime in extreme cutting conditions.

SORALUCE is the first machine-tool manufacturer in the world to offer, within its product catalogue, a technological concept that has been used for years in other fields of engineering such as aerospace. Research into the dynamics of machines carried out by IK4-IDEKO and the experience of
SORALUCE in the development and application of the solution have been key for the launch of this solution that has meant a significant progress for the technology available on the market.

The system has been put to the test in all kinds of machining processes, such as press heads, motor pole shoes or dies, and in all of them, its use has brought a reduction of up to 45% in the tested milling times.

The DAS System is also nominated to Best of Industry award, in the category of metal cutting. This award is organised by Maschinenmarkt magazine, one of the most prestigious specialised magazines in the machine tool sector in Germany.

Main characteristics of DAS System:

. 100% cutting capacity through the complete workpiece volume
. Increases productivity up to 300%
· Improves workpiece surface quality
· Extends the tool life
. Works in real time




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