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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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09 May, 2023

SORALUCE and CMI have reached an agreement for CMI to transfer one of its product lines to SORALUCE. The transaction forms part of an ambitious investment plan by SORALUCE valued at over 15 million euros, which includes, inter alia, expanding its installations and launching its new “Performance Line” product selection. This new inclusion in the SORALUCE range will enhance its strategic positioning in the field of high-strut bridge-style milling machines.

In an international context of significant corporate consolidations, this deal is a step towards acquiring a critical mass through cooperation, which is one of the strategic challenges of the sector for the period 2023-25. In this panorama of major transformation in which the projects and investments to be undertaken are of huge dimensions, especially for SMEs, it is even more important to generate spaces of collaboration. Thanks to this dynamism, the sector holds positions of global leadership in certain subsectors and applications.

“We know the trajectory very well, the product and the technical and human team at CMI. There is a very solid base for SORALUCE to implement our technological develops in the transferred product line, scale it up with our industrial and financial capacity and firmly position it on the market with our brand,” says Rafa Idigoras, CEO of the DANOBATGROUP cooperative.

Mikel Valiente, CEO of CMI DURANGO, explains: “With this transaction, CMI showcases its product development of recent years and, after the transfer, it will be able to concentrate its efforts on other lines of activity: machining, retrofitting and service. We are also keeping our sights on the development of our new product lines, a distinguishing mark of ours since our foundation in 1939”.

This new line of high-strut bridge-style milling machines joins the full range of SORALUCE products and perfectly complements its current line of bridge-style milling machines, thereby expanding its current offering of products, solutions and customer services to new customer sectors and machining new materials.

“We have always committed to organic growth and self-financing and this will continue to be our focus. This movement, however, enables us to pick up the pace and compete in a context of consolidations in the machine tool sector with the emergence of new international players on the sector,” Idigoras says.




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