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02 August, 2019

Schaeffler has published its Sustainability Report for the year 2018. The report, under the motto “Make progress visible”, offers a transparent and detailed vision of the company's sustainability initiatives in each of its four fields of action strategic: “Sustainable management”, “Customers and products”, “Environment and energy” and “Employees and society”.

The report has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In line with the company's previous sustainability reports, the 2018 edition details the measures and non-financial objectives of the Schaeffler Group, key elements of its integrated sustainability strategy. In 2018, the key areas of the Schaeffler Group's sustainability management program included, among others, the continuous development of sustainable supply chains and environmentally friendly production of mobility solutions.

“As a global company, we assume a special responsibility with the environment and society. For this reason, the holistic approach to sustainability throughout the entire value chain is a fundamental part of our strategic orientation driven by values. Due to the evolution of the expectations of all stakeholders, it is extremely important for us not only to inform with transparency about our activities and achievements in terms of sustainability, but also to act according to our aspirations for sustainability in our daily work”, explained Corinna Schlittenhelm, Chief Human Resources Officer of the Schaeffler Group.

The report also presents information on the company's contributions to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Program. Through its business activities, Schaeffler makes its own contribution to meet ten of these 17 objectives.

Since January 2019, Schaeffler has reinforced its corporate sustainability structures, including the creation of a specific department that depends directly on the Human Resources Division of the Board of Directors. The responsibility for sustainability issues is now under the direction of Thomas Fußhöller, who joined the Schaeffler Group earlier this year as Director of Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety at work.

The Schaeffler Group Sustainability Report is available here.




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