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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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02 April, 2019

With innovative components, assembly-ready systems and specific solutions for Industry 4.0, Schaeffler presented several new developments in the Hannover fair that will allow its clients to obtain maximum performance throughout the entire life cycle of their products.

Digitalization and acceleration of the development process
Schaeffler has co-developed the new Rexs data interface and has implemented it in its own Bearinx calculation program. The interface offers easy, rapid interchange of data models between CAE tools and the standardized data interface. This allows development times to be considerably reduced and creates a basis for the generation of digital clones that can be used to analyse operational data, for example, as a part of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Reduced ranges of variants and components
Schaeffler presented designs for different bearings with identical dimensions for modular reduction-gear systems. This allows the different requirements of a bearing point to be met regarding stiffness and load-bearing capacity, without requiring structural modifications. The reduced number of variants implies greater quantities, lower costs per unit and shorter development and delivery times for reduction gear manufacturers.

Reduction of up to 90% in assembly times
The new protective plastic plugs can be mounted quickly and safely, even in the vertical position, while the new cover strip allows free access to the fixing screws and alignment of the guide rail, even with the carriage still on it. The first clients to test it have confirmed that assembly time is reduced by up to 90%.

Useful life increased 25 times
The header bearings achieve a 25-times greater useful life thanks to the extraordinarily high load-bearing and thermal capacity of Vacrodur, allowing the productivity of machine tools to increase significantly. The maintenance intervals for extruder reduction gears are increased by between five to ten times using carbonitrided bearings manufactured by Mancrodur. Integrated in a linear actuator, Schaeffler’s planetary worm gears (PWG) have an impressive power density. Compared with pneumatic actuators, a production increase of up to 100% is achieved, with much more flexible process control.

Industry 4.0: optimization of operations and maintenance
Schaeffler presented for the first time their TorqueTracking system, an Industry 4.0 solution for industrial actuators. Using a combination of vibration analysis and torque measurement, the actuator can be used safely near to its maximum performance level, while maintenance tasks can be programmed and carried out as a function of the load conditions. This increases maintenance intervals and reduces maintenance costs.
With their new CM ProLink system, Schaeffler presented its new generation of multi-channel systems for Condition Monitoring using from four to 16 channels for production equipment, for example, in the paper or steel sectors or for machine tools. At the same time, the CM ProLink system can be used as a universal gateway to connect sensor readings with command and management systems and even with cloud applications.

Source: Interempresas




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