Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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22 April, 2021

The increase in automation and the search for autonomous production has provided Schaeffler with considerable growth potential, specifically as regards robotics and services solutions based on digital technologies. This year’s “Digital Edition of the Hannover Trade Show” has given Schaeffler the opportunity to demonstrate its innovations in the fields of robotics and services within a virtual context.

"We want to occupy a key position in the rapidly growing markets of Condition Monitoring and robotics", explained Dr. Stefan Spindler, Industrial CEO of Schaeffler AG. "We propose strategic initiatives and close collaboration to offer our customers innovations for future production".

As a comprehensive supplier of the automotive and industry sectors, Schaeffler has significant opportunities to create synergies. The wide range of technological knowledge and experience in processes of Schaeffler’s Automotive Technologies Division combine to develop innovations in the field of robotics. Schaeffler’s digital services are based on expert knowledge of bearing design and applications, among other fields. "Our industrial business is especially important for the strategic development of the Schaeffler Group", explained Klaus Rosenfeld, CEO of Schaeffler AG. “In the mid-term, we want to spur the growth of the Industrial Division rather than world-wide industrial production using our own means”.

Its program of modular bearing products, gear motors for robots and innovative drive motors has positioned Schaeffler as a partner for lightweight robots. The components play a key role in the performance of compact robots and have potential for achieving notable progress in development. The increasing degree of power and precision of these components enable lightweight robots and cobots to be used in applications that require higher speeds, precision and degrees of cleaning, as well as higher bearing load capacities. Schaeffler offers both separate components and adapted systems that satisfy customer requirements for maximum compactness, dynamics and performance.

The IoT OPTIME solution reduces non-programmed stops

OPTIME is a user-friendly wireless IoT solution that makes Condition Monitoring of machines efficient and profitable in production processes. Installation and start-up are so easy that several hundred can be integrated with no problem in a single day. The latest upgrade allows connecting another two Schaeffler hardware solutions prepared for IoT: ProLink and SmartCheck. This enables Condition Monitoring of a wide range of machines and even entire plants. The status information of all systems is clearly visible in the OPTIME application.

Schaeffler has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in two categories for its exceptional design of the OPTIME product, its functional structure and high degree of innovation.




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