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27 May, 2022

Schaeffler continues to make advancements in proposing vibration-based Condition Monitoring solutions (CM), contributing to preventing unscheduled machine stoppages and, thus, reducing production losses. The CM solutions portfolio comprises OPTIME, SmartCheck and ProLink, three solutions that respond to the different client requirements and plant sizes and do not require maintenance staff to possess any kind of expert knowledge on vibration-based monitoring.

OPTIME: the plant-wide solution

OPTIME comprises a series of wireless battery-operated vibration sensors that transmit vibration and temperature readings from all the machines to Schaeffler's IoT platform via a dedicated mesh network. The data gathered by the sensors is automatically analysed and sent to the associated software, where it is clearly and transparently displayed in a series of specific views for the different user groups. The system, which installs in minutes and is easily scalable, can offer cost savings of up to 50% compared to periodical manual (offline) measurements.

SmartCheck: for standalone equipment engaged in critical processes

Unlike the wireless OPTIME system, SmartCheck is a cabled online monitoring system. Its aim is to permanently oversee both machines and processes, for which it includes a web server and a learning mode. It is especially suitable for monitoring critical equipment in small plants. Alarm statuses can be viewed through any browser or directly transmitted to the control system, as well as integrated through the OPC/UA interface with Schaeffler's IoT platform.

ProLink: for critical equipment and processes in large plants

ProLink is a cabled modular, multi-channel system that can record and analyse vibration data and other variables for processes with between four and 16 measurement points. ProLink can be installed in an electrical cabinet and integrated into the client’s infrastructure through a Fieldbus module. It also supports OPC/UA and is completed with other fieldbus protocols, such as Profinet and CC-Link IE.

In addition to the monitoring systems, Schaeffler offers its ConditionAnalyzer clients a digital service suitable for the company's three monitoring systems and for other CM solutions on the market. Thanks to Schaeffler's extensive knowledge of bearings and other components, ConditionAnalyzer enables users to determine the status of the bearing in order to ascertain whether replacement is necessary and when it should be done, which helps avoid unscheduled stoppages. ConditionAnalyzer, which analyses and interprets all the data it receives to facilitate the work of maintenance staff, can be easily integrated into the existing remote maintenance systems and IoT platforms through REST API.


Schaeffler's OPTIME, ProLink and SmartCheck Condition Monitoring devices can address the requirements of different clients and plant sizes.




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