Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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30 January, 2020

Schaeffler is now a steering member of the Hydrogen Council, a globally active interest group based in Belgium.The initiative comprises 81 leading energy, transportation and industry sector companies, and its objective is to spearhead hydrogen technology in the direction of industrialisation.

"We want to shape CO2-neutral sustainable mobility throughout the entire energy chain. This we will accomplish by using the enormous future potential of green hydrogen throughout the entire value-added creation chain", states Klaus Rosenfeld, Schaeffler AG CEO. "Joining the Hydrogen Council will enable us to further advance and establish hydrogen technologies together with strong partners worldwide".

With the objective of achieving maximum sustainability and CO2 neutrality, Schaeffler is shaping mobility and the associated energy chain as an automotive and industry sector supplier. "Our core expertise in materials, forming technology and surface technology will enable the efficient high-volume production of key components for the future hydrogen economy and will significantly contribute to the company's success", says Rosenfeld.

The establishment and research and development (R&D) partnerships and collaborations for developing and testing fuel cell components is likewise an important strategic task in that regard. Schaeffler has been focusing on the value-added chain of the key components for fuel cells for some time now. Bipolar plates are manufactured by precise forming and coating in the thin-layer range which, once stacked, form an important component of the fuel cell system.  The fuel cell batteries are energy converters which allow H2 to react with O2 to form water.  The electricity generated during this process can be used to power the vehicle's electric motor.  

Schaeffler's range of products and services for optimised fuel cell systems is expanded by additional areas of expertise, such as electronic control systems, special high-performance bearings, smart thermal management modules or components for passive hydrogen recirculation.




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