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25 February, 2021

Manual lubrication is often done too late and with too much lubricant. Automatic lubricant supply prevents too much or too little lubrication, as well as saving time and extending the useful lives of bearings. Investment and maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent in comparison with manual lubrication and can guarantee problem-free production in the long term.

Schaeffler has extended its CONCEPT range, incorporating new automatic lubricators. In addition to the existing lubricators, CONCEPT2, with two lubricant outlets, and CONCEPT8, with eight lubricant outlets, the range is now also includes the CONCEPT1 and CONCEPT4 lubricators. CONCEPT1 is designed for automatic lubrication point regreasing, while CONCEPT4 can supply lubricant to up to 4 lubrication points independently.

Another new development is that the CONCEPT1 lubricator itself and the other spare cartridges for the CONCEPT4 can be filled up to three times in just a few steps, even with greases other than those of Schaeffler’s Arcanol range. This reduces the amount of waste, helps protect the environment and saves on maintenance costs.

CONCEPT1 with independent gas-powered drive

Thanks to its easy installation and application, CONCEPT1 is mainly used as an initial product in the area of automatic regreasing. In comes in 60 cm3 and 125 cm3 sizes and is powered by a gas-producing dry cell driven by electrochemical reaction, which means it does not need an external electricity supply.

CONCEPT1 is perfect for a wide range of applications, including electric motors, pumps and conveyor belts. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be installed in virtually any lubrication point. In addition, CONCEPT1 also has the ATEX certification to operate in areas with risk of explosion.

CONCEPT4 for challenging industrial applications

CONCEPT4 is suitable for lubrication in the smallest amounts, since it only releases 0.15 cm3 per control impulse. It was deliberately designed without a built-in timer for lubricant dosing, with no screen and with control buttons, which makes it particularly robust in application. CONCEPT4 can only be regulated through an external control system and, therefore, it is exclusively intended for customers with a PLC infrastructure.

As opposed to CONCEPT1, CONCEPT4 uses special lubricant cartridges (like CONCEPT2 and CONCEPT8). The CONCEPT4 lubricator, which uses standard 400 cm3 cartridges and has four lubricant outlets, can also create particularly high supply pressures, of up to 70 bars. This guarantees that the lubricant gets to even the hardest-to-reach points that require long lubricant supply pipes, such as for example in electric motors, ventilators, pumps, gearboxes, compressors and machine tools.

CONCEPT1 is designed for one-point lubrication and is mainly intended as an initial product in the field of automatic regreasing, thanks to its easy installation and application. In comes in 60 cm3 and 125 cm3 and is powered by a gas-producing dry cell driven by electrochemical reaction.

CONCEPT4 features a particularly robust execution and is equipped with four lubricant outlets. CONCEPT4 uses standard 400 cm³ cartridges. It can only be regulated through an external control system.

The cartridges for lubricators CONCEPT2, CONCEPT4 and CONCEPT8 are available in two versions: empty or pre-filled with lubricant. Therefore, these devices can also work with greases other than those of Schaeffler’s Arcanol range and can be filled up to three times (pictured: one empty cartridge and one CONCEPT8 cartridge).




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