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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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05 September, 2019

ONA will attend the EMO Fair with a selection of technological innovations that place the company as a leader in the EDM sector. In addition, all visitors to the event in Hanover can see first-hand the latest ONA developments in applications for the aeronautics and automotive sector.

ONA, as an EDM manufacturer with more than 65 years of history, is a veteran of the EMO Fair. This year, from September 16 to 21 in Hall 13 - Stand C92 will once again exhibit its full technological potential as a result of its commitment to innovation.

New penetration EDM control

ONA has chosen the German fair to present its latest penetration EDM model. As the main novelty, this new model of penetration machines stands out for its new control. Conceived according to the concept of usability, it is presented with a touch interface, intuitive menus and visually friendly. It allows working in 3D, without any limitations and giving the option to export the files directly from the CAD-CAM.

Wire EDM

As a leader in the manufacture of large parts, ONA’s stand will include German mold maker Bukuma’s ONA AV100 wire EDM model. The German company relies on ONA as its reliable EDM partner and already has three ONA machines in its equipment: QX8, NX4F and AV100.

Technological advances for the aeronautical sector

ONA's commitment to research and innovation places the company as a benchmark for the latest technological advances in the aviation industry. In the fair visitors will be able to see the new contributions made for reference clients:

• Manufacture of combustion housings of turbines by EDM by owning the most powerful generator on the market with up to 400 Amp.
• Development of thread machines specially designed for cutting vertical rings in a fully automated way.
• Wire EDM to manufacture disk slots for turbines (firtrees) for the aeronautical sector.
• OGV jointly developed with the Center for Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing (CFAA).

ONA Smart Connect: 4.0 Industry

Being an essential event for 4.0 Industry, ONA will exhibit at EMO all the advances that 4.0 Industry incorporates into its production processes:

• Machine monitoring in different facilities and remote control with network connection.
• Teleservice.
• Information storage and data analysis.
• Traceability.
• Real-time information on equipment performance.

An integral service offered by ONA to its customers, always at the forefront of technology, to lead the digitalization and automation processes in companies.




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