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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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29 March, 2019

Nidec ARISA, a Spanish company that manufactures presses and servo presses for the automotive industry, presented an Industry 4.0 project, its Press Intelligence software, which, according to the company “will bring with it major new features and benefits for customers, to whom the company wishes to offer a more thorough knowledge of its machines in order to provide the utmost optimised results.”

The project, currently underway at the company, comprises two strategic phases: sensorisation and Big Data. In the first stage, already in progress, all the data relating to machine productivity and efficiency are gathered. Parameters such as temperature and force control, vibrations, common faults, and the different speeds at which each die is operated, or the control of machine intake, are some of the parameters monitored.

The project has also begun monitoring the energy consumption of each part of the press in order to achieve more efficient production. As part of the section on preventive maintenance, the solution offered by Nidec ARISA incorporates monitoring oil levels or instating a maintenance plan wherein the machine itself gives notification of the main milestones in its servicing.

The second phase of the project, based on Big Data management “is the most ambitious part and the one that will really give our customers that extra benefit”, according to the company, adding that: “we want to make our machines more intelligent”. Hence the idea of Nidec ARISA is that, once all the data from the first phase has been gathered and subsequently filtered, algorithms will be generated that will predict the machines’ possible future actions. For instance, for the press itself to be capable of notifying the operative of what is happening based on a repeated parameter detected or even of rectifying possible errors arising by itself. This second phase is the most ambitious for Nidec ARISA, since it is a fully in-house development and the treatment of data is more thorough and specifically prepared for operating with ARISA presses.

The project involves a software fully developed by the engineers of the Spanish company, through a simple, intuitive and configurable interface. One of the values that Nidec ARISA contributes with its new Industry 4.0 project, Press Intelligence, is that, like with its own machines, it enables the client to adapt their product to their own requirements.

Acquisition in Germany

Nidec Press & Automation, the brand that encompasses ARISA, announced the acquisition of the German company Systeme und Steuerungen (SYS), which is specialised in the production of high-speed automation systems, as well as its subsidiary, Die Peripherie Anlagen (DPA). Both firms cover specialities such as high-speed servo feeds, integrated controls and monitoring software. Furthermore, its technical service is specialised in retrofitting presses and upgrading high-speed equipment.

SYS is the fifth business to join the Nidec Press & Automation division. The rest of the companies are ARISA (Spain): specialised in designing and manufacturing mechanical presses and heavy tonnage servo presses and feed systems for shaping materials within the automotive sector; Minster and Vamco, in the United States, and Kyori, in Japan.




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