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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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29 May, 2024

MEPSA, a company renowned for its advanced solutions in surface processing, is to take part in the 2024 Biennial International Machine-Tool Exhibition (BIEMH) in Bilbao from 3 to 7 June. During the event, MEPSA will present a machine especially designed to sand flat surfaces. The machine, which incorporates a new human-machine interface (HMI), is characterised by its intuitiveness, speed and ease of use.

  •  Compact and monoblock design: The new MEPSA machine stands out for its compact, monoblock design, which makes it easier to install and operate in a variety of industrial settings. This design allows greater durability and stability during the sanding process.
  •  650 mm-wide sanding unit: Equipped with a sanding unit that is 650 mm wide, the machine is capable of handling a wide range of parts, ensuring a smooth and high quality surface finish. This characteristic is ideal for applications that require precise and consistent        processing.
  •  Programmable numerical axes: The inclusion of two programmable numerical axes enables accurate control of the sanding process. This functionality is essential for adapting the machine to the specific needs of each client and guaranteeing optimal results in a variety of industrial applications.
  •  Versatile parts-holder table: The machine is equipped with a parts-holder table designed to allow multiple simultaneous work executions. This flexibility is crucial for improving efficiency and productivity in surface processing.
  •  Smooth surface finish: Thanks to its design and advanced technology, the machine guarantees a smooth surface finish on all parts processed. This feature is fundamental for industrial sectors that demand high quality standards in product finishes.
  •  Adaptability to multiple industrial sectors: The application of this machine is not limited to just one sector. MEPSA have developed this solution to address adaptability to different client processes and needs in a multitude of industries. Its versatility makes it suitable for sectors such as the automotive industry, metalwork, electronic component manufacturing and more.
  •  Option to work in dry and wet settings: The machine offers the possibility of working both in dry and in wet settings, providing additional flexibility for surface processing. This dual capacity enables users to select the most suitable method for their materials and specific requirements, optimising performance and the quality of the finish.




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