Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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04 October, 2017

IZAR has just launched its new Professional 2017 catalogue, the one that focuses more on the point of sale of existing products and that also presents a wide range of new products and extensions of already existing products.

The national manufacturer maintains its policy of keeping two differentiated catalogues, this PROFESSIONAL one that focuses more on the hardware sector and specialists in construction tools, and another INDUSTRIAL catalogue for chip removal and cutting specialists, where customers will find plates, an extensive hard metal programme, PMX, etc. The industrial catalogue will be launched this month.

Noteworthy among the innovations presented by IZAR, market manufacturers and leaders, are:

  • The new range of multifunction oscillating saws with Starlock coupling, suitable for all types of materials and functions.
  • An improved range of compass saws, with a clear improvement in displays, which are better organised and adapt to the new packaging.
  • Considerable extension in the range of diamond discs for construction, with new references for granite, marble, stone,…
  • A new bit with centring tip for high performance in hard wood.
  • Staggered bits in spiral, both in high-speed steel and in cobalt.
  • Bits for electromagnetic machines.
  • Larger range in thread repairers.
  • Left-hand bits…

It is very important to highlight the launch of the double bubble blister, where the manufacturer underscores its brand, aimed at establishments where the major premise is impulse buying and self-service.. This must not be incompatible with a quality product. Furthermore, all of this is reinforced with shelves, which, at the point of sale, make shopping easier and more attractive for users, in general, domestic users, handymen or DIY lovers.

With new plexiglass displays, new signs for the shelves at the points of sale and a new product presentation system, IZAR aims to take the cutting tool out of the drawers and foster an increase in sales at those points that implement it.

As we all know, we sell everything that is at eye height, and this increase in sales may even surpass 30%. Of course, IZAR still has its modular displays, increasing the range and improving it (with 11 new models), which are designed for hardware stores where the space is limited. Here ironmongers will find a very well-organised system that will help both the sale and the replenishment, optimising space to the maximum.





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