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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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09 September, 2019

Soraluce will demonstrate its customer-focus mindset, while showcasing the most attractive, complete and leading portfolio of machining solutions and access to convenient, user-friendly services during EMO 2019 (Hall 13 Stand B38), #MadeForYOU.

Innovation is one of the elements that characterizes Soraluce and the company is at the forefront of many of the technologies that drive the machine tool sector.

Soraluce declares: “To create the greatest value in the day to day business of our customers” – that’s our purpose at Soraluce. That’s the deeper meaning of our work, what drives us, our “why”. It means going for more than just immediate objectives. This inner unrest for what’s next is part of our company’s DNA. Therefore, it’s also a cornerstone of the business. Although this strategy has several dimensions, one of the defining issues is how we address our technological leadership. At Soraluce we strive for the best and our customers expect us to deliver that extra that makes the difference. So, one of the key questions we are addressing is this: What are we doing to make sure our customers perform even better? The answer is our #MadeForYOU.

#MadeForYOU – A leading portfolio
Technological leadership is one of the key components of Soraluce’s corporate strategy and at the same time a benchmark for corporate success. During this EMO, visitors will be able to explore the most complete and advanced range of products and services in the market at Soraluce stand (Hall 13 B38). All of them have been designed to be customized according to each customer’s specific needs.

Soraluce offers one of the widest and most advanced product portfolio, a wide variety of milling machines, the new range of gantry machines (recently presented during Soraluce’s Portal Summit that took place in the company’s new premises for big size machines), vertical lathes, multitasking solutions, automation lines, and “best in class” services.

Definitely, one of the highlights of this EMO will be the new Soraluce milling, turning and grinding center that transforms the machine concept into a multitasking talent, where high precision and performance become distinctive. The range of mobile column milling machines, together with the new high power and torque full 5 axis head, will also impress visitors.

#MadeForYOU – The power of engineering knowledge
The new range of Soraluce products, services and solutions prove the commitment of the company to staying close to the customer as the best partners. Soraluce’s technology is at the forefront of the required solution and is adapted to meet the needs of each customer. A wide range of products, solutions and services allow Soraluce to supply from an individual machine to a complete machining line that integrates turnkey machining solutions.

Soraluce offers expert advice in machining engineering with a team of highly experienced engineers who evaluate the production and machining processes of the clients and provide solutions to optimize them, improving overall performance, achieving improvements in cycle times, increasing productivity, efficiency, profitability, etc. This team strives for ensuring the optimal configuration of the solutions for each specific need.

The company assures to offer customers the best process for each specific application, and in order to do so, they can perform a global analysis of the production process, supply process engineering, tolling assessment, fixturing design and manufacturing, development of heads, development of custom cycles, development of special devices, personal training programs, and assistance during the initial phase of the machining process.

#MadeForYOU – The Intelligent Machine
Greater production rates, higher accuracy, improved efficiency, enhanced performance, user-friendliness, ergonomics, safety and cost effectiveness – all while reducing cycle times, downtime, consumption and emissions… This is the sort of progress that makes sense for Soraluce.

The company systematically embodies the principle of "human-centred innovation", and The Intelligent Machine makes each process simple, reliable and convenient for the customer.

The Intelligent Machine comprises of practice-oriented and innovative technologies. Based on in-depth research, experience and the requirements of its customers, Soraluce develops innovative technologies systematically exceeding the existing limits in milling, boring, turning and grinding. The company is pushing ahead with the transformation to intelligent solutions that provide customers with a decisive competitive advantage.

With this approach, Soraluce will showcase at EMO the superb performance of DAS+® (elimination of chatter during machining), and intelligent damping solutions that maximize chip removal capacity during machining, improving significantly machine uptime and ensuring continuous production. Another highlight will be the VSET system – Simplified clamping (patented), able to provide time savings for alignment with up to 70%. Regarding process efficiency, Soraluce’s Smart HMI, an intuitive, ergonomic and easy to use intelligent interface, will be the star.

#MadeForYOU – Precision for your masterpiece
Precision is a cornerstone in Soraluce. The results are machines capable of offering geometric accuracy superior to market standards. This way, customers can provide top quality machined components.

Regarding this key factor, Soraluce in EMO will inspire customers with three key technologies.

Ram Balance is a system that improves ram geometrical accuracy, straightness and parallelism when vertical and cross axes are moved and therefore it increases the general precision of the machine, especially when it is equipped with automatic head changing system.

DHC Dynamic Head Calibration is a self-calibration system that improves the accuracy of the compensation parameters associated to the head. The result of the process is a higher accuracy kinematic model of the machine that will improve overall precision.

Accura Heads is an extension of the DHC package that enables, in case of high accuracy processes, the possibility to compensate the head articulation positioning deviation for one particular position of the head. This technology ensures the maximum accuracy of the machine as the measurement cycle is executed just before the milling process.

SORALUCE, Setting new standards
The European brand Soraluce is characterized by vast experience. Clear evidence of this are the more than 3,000 machines sold worldwide, almost half of them in Germany, a very demanding market. 85% of customers have more than one Soraluce machine and trusted Soraluce products. This is a clear indication of the customer satisfaction.

Soraluce is part of Danobatgroup, the machine tool division of Mondragon Corporation, one of the most important holdings in Europe. Danobatgroup has around twenty top-level production plants in Spain, Germany, UK and the United States, as well as its own Research & Development Center with 120 engineers and 24 PhDs. Danobatgroup offers its customers a complete and competitive multi-technology offer and invests 8% of its turnover in further development and research.




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