Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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14 November, 2016

The Basque company has acquired a new high speed machining center which ensures a more flexible service is provided to customers and reaffirms its commitment to Industry 4.0

Lazpiur reaffirms its commitment to smart manufacturing. Two years after taking the first steps into Industry 4.0 the company has reinforced the company's machining services with new performance.

As part of its investment policy, the company has acquired a new high speed machining centre which enables the Basque firm to multiply production capacity while reinforcing the quality of its products.

Thus, Lazpiur achieves exponential growth in the field of forging tools where the company is already an international leader. This investment added to prior investments has the ultimate aim of providing better customer service.

The Basque company has purchased a new 5 axes high speed machining centre. The centre can be used for machining parts for any sector, and is particularly ideal for highly complex tooling machining.

Lazpiur had already leaped forward into this technology two years ago. This technology provides greater flexibility, process automation in addition to higher finishing accuracy and quality.

This major investment consolidates the Bergara-based family business as an international leader in its sector, backed by a history of prestige. This investment also reinforces the company commitment to smart manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0.

Lazpiur achievements in forging tools have attracted the sector attention. In recent years the company has been invited to several congresses to discuss new machining trends. The most important event at international level was the International Forging Congress (IFC) in Berlin where Lazpiur representatives were invited as speakers.

The company based in Bergara (Gipuzkoa) works for 25 countries. The company wide client portfolio includes among others, major automotive multinationals such as Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen; as well as leading sector players such as Schuler, Lear, GKN, NTN...




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