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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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30 May, 2024
  • Lantek will be located at stand E-31 in Pavilion 5 for the 32nd edition of the Biennial Machine-Tool Exhibition to take place from 3 to 7 June in Bilbao
  • The company's commitment to innovation endorses its leadership in the transformation of the sector through software

Lantek, an Alava-based multinational company and a pioneer in the digital transformation of the sheet metal and metal cutting and processing sector, will be present once again this year at the 32nd edition of the Biennial International Machine-Tool Exhibition (BIEMH 2024), the big event of the industrial world held in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre trade fair enclosure from 3 to 7 June.

Alongside 1,250 other exhibitors from all over the world, the company will present a wide range of advanced solutions and new manufacturing functionalities, as well as the latest versions of its software solutions Lantek Expert, Lantek Flex3D, Lantek MES & Integra and Lantek Bend, aimed at all types of companies in the sheet metal sector.

With its presence at BIEMH 2024, the company strengthens its international position in the field of CAD-CAM/MES/ERP solutions within the sheet metal sector, with the aim of supporting its clients in process efficiency to boost their competitiveness.

According to Joseba Montoya, Commercial Director for Spain/Portugal at Lantek, “It is a pleasure to once again be part of one of the sector's most important events, showcasing all the technological, customised, and flexible solutions that Lantek is capable of offering. BIEMH is the perfect showcase to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and new developments focused on process automation, machine connectivity, and data analysis that contributes to improving the productivity and competitiveness of the industry, and allows us to respond to the technological, economic and social challenges of the sector”.

Lantek will be located at stand E-31 in Pavilion 5, throughout an edition where large working machines will be the main attraction, offering a live industrial and technological showcase.

New from Lantek at BIEMH: Machine Connectivity and Assembly to Nesting

Among the technological advancements Lantek will showcase at the fair is the integration of Machine Connectivity technology into its software, enabling real-time data reception from cutting machines, for any model and manufacturer.

This new technology facilitates the presentation of two new products to be showcased at BIEMH 2024. The first product, Wos Automático, leverages real-time data to precisely control timing, thereby improving efficiency in production scheduling and project costing. 

Additionally, Control Panel will be presented, displaying the real-time status of a workshop, allowing Manufacturing managers to have a complete visualization system of what is happening on each machine or line, at all times and from any device.

The company will also showcase the innovative Assembly to Nesting (A2N) functionality, designed to address the growing demand from its clients for more efficient 3D file handling. A2N is an advanced importer of 3D parts and assemblies, notable for its capability of automatic unfolding of sheet metal parts. Its benefits are significant: rapid processing of 3D models; elimination of the need for external 3D CAD tools; and total accuracy in the deployment of parts, thanks to user-defined rules.

Additionally, Lantek will be showcasing new functionalities of the products Lantek MES and Lantek Integra with Lantek Flex3D. With all these new features incorporated in the latest upgrade, Lantek is evolving and maturing towards the most flexible tube and profile cutting solution, thereby improving their usability, automation capabilities and integration into the company's factory management solutions.




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