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26 March, 2019

Lantek, multinational leader in the development and marketing of CAD-CAM/MES/ERP solutions and world pioneer in the digital transformation of companies in the sheet metal and structural steel manufacturing industry, presented the new features incorporated into the 2019 version of its software solutions, launched within the framework of Lantek Global Release 2019.

With the aim of improving its programs with new functionalities for users to be able to extract and use the data generated in day-to-day factory operations to optimise processes and analytics for better decision-making, Lantek included more than 40 new features focussing on production management and integrated automation of installations.

“In today’s connected world, we no longer question the fact that data is the raw material that enables new developments to advance and contributes value to gain a competitive edge in the market”, stated Asier Ortiz, CTO of Lantek. Because of this, a significant part of Lantek’s R&D&I has been focussed on precisely how to obtain quality data from different vectors in order to enable comprehensive management of any cutting and processing machine, contributing overall visibility and boosting production levels and agility, whilst reducing complexity”.

Hence, true to its mission to help companies produce better and more efficiently, using the latest technological advancements (AI, Cloud, machine-learning, etc.) to provide more connectivity and machine automation, Lantek Global Release 2019 brings users the following improvements:

Lantek Expert: automation and traceability
Lantek takes a new step to fulfil the needs of a market that is demanding greater efficiency in processes and time saving in common tasks. To achieve this, and as a result of ongoing collaboration with its clients, Lantek is releasing 40 general enhancements grouped together under the umbrella of its popular CAD-CAM 2D software for sheet metal cutting, Lantek Expert.

Lantek Flex3d Tubes, improving tube cutting efficiency
The 2019 version incorporates new machine models, thus catering for the different current philosophies in laser tube cutting. Achieving cut optimisation based on the mechanical capabilities of the machine, and making it easier for operatives to manage cutting for tube cleaning scrap management and parts removal.

Lantek MES, or how to manage production efficiently
Correct production management and planning is another crucial ingredient for successful manufacturing processes in the factories of the future. Lantek MES is the product that brings together the most significant new features, with a total of 19. The aim: to seek production optimisation in multiple directions.

Users will now have full real-time viewing of production planning in different views, sequences or Gantt charts, thanks to the new Lantek MES monitoring module. Simplicity, power and immediacy to keep day-to-day production always in the foreground.




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