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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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19 March, 2018

Lantek, a multinational digital transformation pioneer in the metal industrial sector, participated in the Intergune+ 2018 forum, the major internationalisation gathering held on 19-20 February at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC).

Organised by the SPRI industrial development agency of the Basque government’s Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures, in collaboration with other government bodies (SPRI Group, Basque Trade & Investment and Euskadi Basque Country), this event is a must for all entrepreneurs with strategies calling for international expansion who seek advice to help their businesses make the leap into new target markets. The participants also have the opportunity to learn first-hand, among other things, the experience of Basque companies that have become leaders in different sectors and markets due to their internationalisation strategies.

Lantek is accordingly among the companies collaborating in the event, sharing its experience and know-how regarding internationalisation. This was done by its CEO, Alberto Martínez, who took part in the colloquium on ‘Internationalisation Experience Depending on Size’, a debate that served to explain in detail the international expansion experience of various companies from different activity areas. It also analysed keys and factors to bear in mind when beginning to expand, such as when a business already established in other countries is involved and companies hope to make inroads in the respective markets. He also gave an in-depth explanation of the pitfalls and opportunities of the internationalisation challenge for SMEs.

“Lantek is nowadays a mid-size multinational which operates in different countries. Precisely because we are a mid-size organisation specialising in the industrial sector we have been able to implement more agile structures, allowing us to approach new markets directly as well as indirectly, via agreements and our network of partners,” Martínez states.
The roundtable also examined the role government plays in supporting flexible, appropriately sized and closely accompanied initiatives that facilitate SMEs’ access to the external market, given that they generally face more obstacles when trying to enter new markets in other countries, as demonstrated in the conclusions of today’s debate.

The need to combat the shortage of skilled and capable personnel was another topic debated. In this area more public/private cooperation and support is sought to promote and continue programmes offering training grants specialising in internationalisation, as well as initiatives enabling greater market knowledge, promotion of business diplomacy and collaboration in the identification of business opportunities.

According to Alberto Martínez: “The advice and assistance work carried out by institutions such as the SPRI and the business cooperation initiatives at their various levels have been important for our company’s expansion. They doubtless play a decisive role every day, helping other local businesses engage, expand and compete abroad.”

Lantek, an internationalisation reference

Lantek was founded in 1986 and since it began its activity and career in the market it has not stopped expanding around the world, with the aim of becoming a world leader in the development of integral sheet punching and cutting solutions for the metal sector. In the last several years it has also become a pioneer in advance manufacturing solutions and industry 4.0 for that same market.

Its focus on development and commitment to innovation, an area accounting for 15 to 20% of its annual invoicing, as well as the continual improvement of its solutions and services, have enabled Lantek to achieve that objective.

Aware of the importance of the international challenge, from the start Lantek sought to boost its presence in other markets. By means of its internationalisation strategy, Lantek is present everywhere where its products are marketed, the aim being to build a close relationship with clients, providing them with more added value as well as better post-sale service and support in their own language. Lantek currently maintains offices in 14 countries on five continents and more than 20,000 clients around the world. In this regard, the strength of the company’s international business represented 86% of total income in 2017.

Another of the multinational’s strong points, beyond technology and innovation, is its human team. Lantek counts a solid, professional and constantly growing workforce formed by more than 200 professionals, experts in different business areas with lengthy experience in the industrial sector, along with an important network of partners. Those aspects enable the company to continue fortifying itself to successfully take on the digital transformation projects the industry needs to be able to compete in the international market.




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