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13 July, 2018

Lantek is aware of the need for ICT companies to rely on technological professionals with specialised training in digital skills to face the challenges of new digital transformation scenarios. It has therefore undersigned a strategic agreement between Deusto University in Vitoria and Egibide for the implementation of a pioneer degree in Digital Industry during the upcoming academic year. In addition to this Dual Degree programme, and as part of the initiatives to promote training focused on technical profiles, the company has also underwritten the scholarship programme for the Information Technology Master's degree with Deusto Ingeniería. 

In line with Lantek's primary shared objective of discovering and developing talent, it will open its doors to students earning this degree so they can combine their classroom training with specialised work in this area. This multinational company, a pioneer in digital transformation of metal companies, will set up a work placement agreement to work on in-house strategic projects that require the capabilities and skills developed in the IT Engineering degree.  

Within this agreement framework, Lantek will also support funding of the scholarship programme of the Deusto Ingeniería IT Engineering Master's degree to help bear the cost of the studies and ensure that economic factors do not weight exceedingly on the professional and personal future of the students, especially in a time when technological talent is scarce.

"We are faced with a landscape marked by constant technological and innovative changes that enable us to continue making progress and become more competitive in a hyper-connected world. However, the rate of change reveals a gap between sectors such as industry and ICTs, where there is a significant lack of qualified specialists who can contribute to bolster the country's competitiveness in the future", states Gemma Nogales, human resources manager at Lantek. "This partnership with the Deusto University will help us fulfil our responsibility as a company to assist the academic world in the search for alternatives that allow the professional sector to find the talent required by organisations and therefore contribute to positioning students as the experts and leaders in the future."

The purpose of this new academic opportunity is to meet the challenges facing society in a new digital era where information technology is generating significant organisational changes and transformations. Moreover, the underlying motivation for this degree is the desire to achieve the talent demanded by companies, provide training in the skills required by the labour market and streamline the transition into professional careers. This initiative is expected to motivate young talent and give it the incentive to pursue this new Master's degree in IT Engineering and acquire the capabilities currently demanded by engineering and IT companies.

"This will enable these students to play an active role in defining the new professional profiles that are emerging and that will take form under the auspices of the technological breakthroughs that are setting the pace for economic activity and society, based in the digitalisation imposed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution", adds Gemma Nogales from Lantek.

The technological content demanded by society and business addressed by this degree are Big Data, high-performance and cloud computation, artificial intelligence techniques to support decision-making, web technologies, mobility, embedded system, video games and virtual reality and integration of information technology in business models, as well as STEM area (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning.

As a university, one of our tasks is to train students and provide them with knowledge that will enable them to choose from quality employment alternatives with a promising future where they can develop their talent. As a result, we also contribute to helping organisations forge their future, since they can rely on competent professionals provided with the knowledge, values and skills necessary to propel this transformation and become a significant factor in the evolution of society. This goal requires close collaboration between universities and companies which, in our case, is part of our DNA. The dual component of the degree in Digital Industry and the scholarship programme supported by Lantek is one more example of this", states Alex Rayón, Vice Dean of Foreign Affairs at Deusto Ingeniería.

According to information from the European Union, 2020 will see the generation of 900,000 jobs associated with Information and Communication Technologies in the EU, confirming that employment for persons specialised in areas associated with new technologies and innovation will grow by giant strides and evincing the excellent investment represented by prior training in these areas




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