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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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23 February, 2018

Lantek, world leaders in digital transformation and Advanced Manufacturing for the sheet metal industry, has consolidated its position as an international reference, after recording a new increase in its turnover – over 11% - and reaching a record number of customers. Thus, in the 2017 FY, the turnover reached 17.6 million Euros with a growing customer base; more than 2,000 new  customers surpassing the number of 20,000 in more than 100 countries on the five continents.

The company presented its results at the 2018 International Meeting, held each year with the presence of all the employees, where the year ended is evaluated and the strategic lines to sustain the growth in 2018 are defined.

These data express the strength of the company’s international business, which represents 86% of the total income. In this sense, the progress recorded in high-potential markets is significant. In China (+67%), for example, Lantek is already the number one reference for laser manufacturers, and in the USA (+47%), the commitment of companies to digitalisation is already a fact.

In Europe, regions such as Spain, France, Italy and Poland must be highlighted, where the companies are tapping into the aid that governments have placed at the disposal of companies that commit to digitalisation.

“This year’s balance has been very positive; we have reached the majority of the objectives set, which shows the trust that customers have placed in Lantek. Our commitment is to work more closely with them to help them in their journey towards digital transformation”, states Alberto Martinez, general manager of Lantek.

Digital Transformation

By business areas, the growth has been especially fuelled by projects undertaken in Digital Transformation, with an increase in sales of 25% with respect to 2016. This shows that Lantek’s commitment over the last few years to the development of solutions for the sheet metal and metal sector, geared towards Industry 4.0, are achieving results. In this sense, Lantek is prepared to offer a new advanced manufacturing service through the MES+ software and Lantek Analytics, which enables plants to increase their yield based on data analysis.

“We have committed to the development of advanced manufacturing solutions that connect machines, processes and plant to facilitate the digital transformation process that is so necessary for our customers today. The final aim is to convert the plants into Smart Factories, improving our customers' technological and competitive positioning in the sector", the Lantek managing director points out.

This firm commitment to technology associated with Industry 4.0 has converted Lantek into a pioneer in the digitalisation of sheet metal and metal sector companies. Moreover, in Spain, the company has achieved a growth of 14% in the Digital Transformation business, hoping to reach 26% in 2018. In the case of countries such as Germany, Lantek foresees a significant growth in digitalisation projects - 78% for this year – given that this market is already prepared and the business initiatives linked to Industry 4.0 receive government support.

Regarding investments, throughout the last financial year, the company earmarked 1.8 million Euros to R&D, project development and implementation equipment. A new technology centre that employs 10 engineers was opened in Bilbao.
In 2017, Lantek hired 30 professionals in all its departments, resulting in a workforce of more than 200 people, distributed in 19 offices all over the world.

The sectors where Lantek has consolidated its global presence are industrial machinery, shipyards, automotive, boilermaking, metal constructions, steel industry, elevation, HVAC, metal furniture and distribution.

Perspectives for 2018

Lantek faces 2018 with higher growth perspectives than those recorded in the last FY. Following the important increase of the order portfolio, above all, orders related to digital transformation projects, Lantek hopes to drive the turnover towards a new milestone; being able to reach 20 million Euros in turnover.

“This year we have planned the launch of several advanced manufacturing-oriented products that consolidate us in the strategy of a digital transformation driving company in our sector, and that will help the sheet metal and metal market adapt to the new changes required by Industry 4.0”, concludes Alberto Martinez.




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