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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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05 May, 2015

Lantek, the benchmark company in CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions for the industrial sector, has improved its software, incorporating many different novelties into its 2015 version with the aim of increasing time calculation precision and making progress in productivity in the metal industry.

The multinational has improved the CAM 2D even more, achieving advances in the preparation of the work and ensuring precision when calculating times for the laser machines. Likewise, in the new version, improved flexibility has been achieved for machines that have the Fly-Cut mode, thus alternating machining between Fly-Cut mode and normal mode, and using the offset defined in the software or in the machine.

This new version establishes new parameters in the machine configuration, as well as new algorithms that permit obtaining much more precise time calculations, considering both the acceleration of the headpiece and the most advanced strategies present in the most modern machines. Lantek’s Technical Director, Asier Ortiz, has highlighted that “with a totally precise calculation, the production planning and the estimate undergo an immediate and substantial improvement”.

Another of the innovations is the text marking, which is more flexible and automatic, so that when the identification of a piece, of a sheet metal or a remnant is key, neither the text that has to be included in the piece, its position on the piece nor the characteristics of the font will be a problem. Thus, improvements have been introduced into the text edition capabilities for marking: definition based on dynamic information, rotation, modification or elimination.

The new Lantek software version also contemplates improvements in usability aimed at productivity and at reducing learning time. It includes advances in preparing the work, in order, as Ortiz states, for “it now to  be possible to import parts even from a PDF format drawing, obtaining a geometry with which it is possible to work, clear it of unwanted elements and prepare an accurate estimate in very little time”.

Lantek has also introduced improvements in the CAM 3D and has incorporated a complete design environment to process work with tube with all the functionality that the company offers in its CAD/CAM systems. Other improvements implemented are the very precise time calculation for operations in tubes and profiles with five axes, and the fact that any type of support or tool can be defined or modified in order to optimise Collision Prevention.

On the other hand, the CAM 3D will permit handling geometries, vectors, contours, heights and incoming and outgoing attacks better. Likewise, it incorporates more resources for traceability, so that, thanks to the TrueType fonts in the text marking, any language can be used and the traceability codes can be inserted as desired.

The firm’s novelties this year also apply to its Management section (Lantek Manager, Lantek Wos, Lantek Workshop Capture and Lantek Integra). Among other noteworthy novelties, are the monitoring of the workload, which establishes a way of estimating the times in production. Thus, it calculates an estimated end date based on the current load of the work centres, as well as a deadline based on the route and on the capacity of the work centres.




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