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16 October, 2018

Lantek, a leading company in the development and distribution of CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software solutions and a pioneer in the digital transformation of industries in the sheet metal and steel industry worldwide, participated in MetalMadrid, the trade show for industrial innovation that has just been held in Madrid, , where they presented their proposals for solutions and services for digital transformation in the metal sector and the latest developments in advanced manufacturing that they have incorporated in their portfolio of solutions and services.

Intended to attend to the demands of modern businesses, MetalMadrid is the only trade show aimed at the industrial sector held in the central region of Spain, and has attracted over five hundred companies from different industrial sectors, from machinery to subcontracting, and including supplies, engineering, materials, automation and robotics, and connected manufacturing, among others. 
Among its innovations, Lantek has demonstrated its software solutions for achieving greater efficiency in production centres, where its software solution Lantek MES Manager stands out. This is designed for companies that want to manage their manufacturing processes and integrate them with CAD/CAM solutions in order to simplify and add flexibility to all of their production processes. Thanks to this tool, factories can achieve maximum optimization of their costs and delivery dates and maintain real-time control over the status of all parts and production orders. 

Other proposals presented in Madrid by this Basque multinational company include a specific solution for price quotes that makes it easier to calculate quotes without needing to first nest the parts included in the quote, and a new tool that allows price quotes to be offered via e-commerce applications.

360º visibility and integral management of production processes
On the other hand, it was clear in MetalMadrid that the metal sector is immersed in a crucial stage as far as digitalization is concerned, and this will have far-reaching effects in the years to come. The technological advances that many companies are already implementing provide new alternatives for ways to organize production processes, so that factories are better able to adapt and respond to changing market demands and can manage their resources with greater efficiency.  For this to be possible, companies need specific products for advanced manufacturing that will allow them to undertake digital transformation and keep up with changes, maintaining at all times an advanced view of all production processes.

With Lantek’s contribution, the metal industry now has specific and flexible solutions that can adapt to their needs and offer opportunities to integrate, manage and control all of their processes with greater speed and ease, connecting factories worldwide and providing 360º visibility of their business. All this propitiates better decision taking based on high-quality data that provides a more accurate view of the business.

“The metal industry should not, cannot, ignore the phenomenon of digital transformation, since this will allow them to transform their plants into Smart Factories, with significant optimization of production processes and greater efficiency”, explains Joseba Montoya, Lantek’s Commercial Director for Spain and Portugal.

As part of their commitment to promoting and helping in digitalization of companies and factories in this sector, supporting them in this transition, Lantek has presented in MetalMadrid a set of advanced manufacturing solutions that can adapt to different companies’ varied levels of digital maturity.

Participation in the conference program
Lantek has also participated actively in the program of conferences organised during MetalMadrid. In the context of the new solutions they have presented to smooth the road to digital transformation in the industrial sector, the company’s Marketing Director, Enrique Parama, offered the presentation “Darwinism 4.0”.

During his intervention, Parama analysed the new digital framework, inviting the audience to reflect on the challenges and opportunities created by digital transformation in the sheet metal and steel sector, where the company is a pioneer. He also shared his experience describing real cases of companies that Lantek is helping to achieve significant improvements in efficiency and productivity by digitalizing and automating their industrial processes and applying cutting-edge technological solutions.

“The industry in general is reconsidering its manufacturing models, to adapt them to the parameters that digital transformation imposes as part of the Industry 4.0 revolution. Offering more personalized products and services at better prices and with shorter delivery dates requires companies to be more flexible, productive and competitive. This is imperative for all businesses, these days, and the metal sector is no exception. Only the most efficient will survive, and this requires connecting and digitalizing factories, machines and processes worldwide, among other things”, stressed Parama.




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