Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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14 November, 2019

Lantek has participated in the twelfth edition of Be Basque Talent Conference (BBTC), an annual international meeting organized by Bizkaia Talent and which has been held in Paris this year.

With the aim of connecting Basque organizations with highly qualified professionals, Be Basque Talent Conference has been configured as a meeting place where attendees have had the opportunity to know the current and future socio-economic and scientific-technological situation in strategic sectors of the Basque Country, analyze and discuss the factors of talent mobility and delve into the opportunities and challenges posed by the return of professionals who, in their day, chose to look for job opportunities outside the country.

Likewise, the attending professionals have been able to participate in thematic workshops and establish professional relationships directly with the representatives of the various Basque organizations that have attended the event, Lantek among them.

In this context, the director of development of people of Lantek, Gemma Nogales, has participated in a discussion table in which the situation and the lack of professional technical profiles that currently threatens the Basque industry, which meets the handicap that it is increasingly difficult to recruit the technological profiles so specific that are required in some branches of the industrial sector, since, to the shortage of qualified professionals, we have to add the high demand of the market is also added, where organizations are competing with each other to attract this talent.

The transition that the industrial sector is experiencing with the arrival of digitalization, and the transformation of the productive and business processes this is causing, make it imperative to have highly qualified talent and professionals to face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. At BBTC, Lantek has made clear its firm commitment to talent and technological innovation, levers that the company considers essential in its team to accelerate the renewal of the industrial sector.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution has taken our company to go a step further: we want to incorporate into our team of highly qualified professionals, the best profiles with skills in the STEAM branches in the different areas of the business, but the current high demand for these Profiles in the market is one of the obstacles to face,” said Nogales.




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