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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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19 February, 2021

Lantek, the multinational at the forefront of digital transformation in the industrial metal sector, with an extensive background in innovation, has inaugurated new offices in the capital city of Bizkaia, specifically in the Iberdrola Tower, to make room for its new needs in terms of growth and attracting talent. This will enable Lantek to boost its capacity with respect to its previous facilities in the city.

This new location will reinforce the positioning of the Basque firm in Bizkaia, in addition its headquarters in the Alava Technology Park. In Alava, the company has two buildings of its own, now joined by this new premises in the emblematic Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao.

The launch of the new offices is a key driver of the company’s strategic investment in the Basque Country, aiming to attract specialised STEAM talent (Science, Technology and Engineering) to Bilbao, a benchmark city of international acclaim thanks to the transformation of its industrial and technological fabric. The new location will also enable Lantek to strengthen its collaboration with the University of Deusto, Mondragon Unibertsitatea and UPV-EHU, with whom it has worked in closely for years.

This new Lantek Centre of Excellence will employ at least 40 professionals, largely comprising engineering, physics and mathematics profiles. New profiles will be added to the current team in the coming months in order to cater to growth needs and the firm’s strategic commitment to the digitalisation of the industrial sector. “The cultural transformation we are carrying out in the company, with a clear commitment to our teams, in addition to the major commitment to innovation, is enabling us to position ourselves as world leaders in our sector. We want to continue on this path in order to tackle new future challenges in the world of advanced manufacturing of Industry 4.0”, explains Alberto López de Biñaspre, CEO of Lantek.

Through this new centre, Lantek aims to multiply its capacity to develop applications and software solutions for the industry, in addition to increasing its operational excellence by supporting the 14 international offices it already runs. The main activity of this office will centre around engineering and software development, complementing the existing team at Alava Technology Park, from where Lantek will continue to supply software of the highest quality standards to the global market.

In this regard, the Basque firm aims to take advantage of the excellent skills available at Bilbao’s universities. “It is important for us to develop our teams and, since innovation is part of our DNA, we are also committed to growing in Bilbao as a benchmark innovation ecosystem” highlights the chief executive of the Basque multinational.




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