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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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27 June, 2016

The multi-national’s new portfolio offers advances in the calculation of nesting and machining, as well as improvements in manufacturing management, that can be integrated with all the CAD solutions on the market.

Lantek is a world leader in the development and marketing of end-to-end CAD/CAM/ERP solutions for the machine tool sector, and it has just presented its new 2014 portfolio. This portfolio includes innovative improvements in its solutions for CAM 2D, CAM 3D, manufacturing management and integration mechanisms. As a whole, it facilitates user experience, it reduces manufacturing times and materials, and increases the integration options with the most commonly used CAD solutions on the market.

Thus, among the improvements made in its catalogue this year, Lantek has strengthened its offer in CAM 2D solutions, integrated into the Lantek Expert family, with significant results in user experience and in the increase of productivity.

Lantek’s CAM 2D solutions include improvements to the part display panel in the nesting work area, and in adjustments for geometry importers. They also permit the automatic selection of the necessary technology depending on the type of contour and the display of overlapping in punch machining.

More accurate and productive nesting

Lantek continues to innovate its nesting algorithm formula, leading to an increase in companies' productivity with new options for defining ranges by thickness, hole destruction and improvements in milling and overlapping technology, among others.

Furthermore, the multi-national has strengthened its technological capacity to handle latest generation machines, such as fibre optics laser cutting machines or machines combined with milling.

Lantek’s new portfolio also includes advanced CAM 3D options for special machining processes on pipes and piping, significant improvements for an efficient use of the material and to select the nesting and preparation criteria for pipes and beams. The Lantek Flex3d solutions add adaptive instructions sorting and different types of part machining cycles on flat or curved surfaces, among other new functionalities of the 2014 catalogue.

Calculation of prices by thickness and format in real time

Another of the pillars of the technological offer developed by Lantek is the series of functionalities and solutions for manufacturing in the workshop work environment, grouped together under the Lantek Workshop family (Lantek Manager, Lantek Wos, Lantek Workshop Capture). The 2014 catalogue includes improvements in material and cost management, such as the calculation of the price of material by thickness and format range, the automatic price updates depending on the purchase history or the advanced calculation of the time for operations without cuts, among other innovations.




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