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Lantek has announced the various innovations and improvements incorporated in the new version of its software solutions framed in the launch of Version 40.

Altogether, there are more than 100 improvements and updates in the entire range of solutions, among which are important innovations focused on production efficiency, such as the prevention of collisions in the cutting process or a new algorithm to get rid of scrap metal efficiently in tube cuts.

One aspect that is currently very relevant is the possibility of using the software remotely. “In times of enormous uncertainty, and without knowing very well what will happen next fall, or next year, many clients demand a solution prepared for remote working. The 2020 version of Lantek software includes a huge advance in the support, installation and configuration of machines without requiring the movement of our technicians, and allows different configurations so that technical teams for machining, production planning or budgeting can work from their homes,” says Carlos García, CTO of Lantek.

Lantek Expert: safety in cutting and automation

The Lantek Expert suite of sheet metal punching and cutting software updates focus on providing customers with features that maximize the productivity and efficiency of their machines. Specifically, with the new version of its proven 2D CAD-CAM Lantek Expert software, Lantek delivers a total of 34 new products.

As main functionality, it stands out the possibility of executing a collision prevention algorithm during the machining process of cutting machines, by automatically adding ties (or micro-cuts) to those holes or parts that, when finished cutting, may cause a collision between these and the cutting head.

Likewise, Lantek has improved the usability of all the functions related to the moorings (or micro-cuts) focusing on two aspects: the improvement in the precision of the final width of the same and the reliable and real-time simulation when assign them manually. For those contours that do not want to tie to the sheet, Lantek offers the possibility of scraping them by means of a new zig-zag technique, which ensures the falling of the pips in a more efficient way.

The last of the innovations incorporated into Lantek Expert are functionalities to help in the production management in the workshop, by means of the automatic marking (on cutting machines) of the remnants generated by the software, in a way that facilitates the identification of these. It offers the possibility of marking both the internal identifiers and the measurements or the weight of the remnants.

Lantek Flex3d optimizes tube cutting to avoid collisions

To meet the needs of a growing market, the new version v40 of Lantek Flex3d incorporates a new algorithm that allows destroying the scrap metal that is generated when cutting the holes and that causes numerous collisions with the machine head, in addition to possible damage when falling on the supports. Likewise, a new head management algorithm allows you to avoid previously cut contours as well as minimizing machine times by avoiding unnecessary head ups and downs. The combination of these two novelties allows avoiding more than 80% of the current stops of the machines due to unwanted collisions.

Additionally, to cover the new devices that automate the loading and unloading of parts, Lantek Flex3d V40 systems incorporate automated management of supports and unloading trays allowing the machine to work completely autonomously.

This new support management, in addition to avoiding collisions with the supports, allows optimizing areas of the material that until now were considered scrap metal, achieving improvements in the optimization of the bars greater than 5%.

Lantek Integra & MES

As for Lantek Integra, the new 2020 version incorporates important improvements in the interface to adapt to current application design standards. This new look offers a better use of screen space and an improved viewing experience that includes changes in the color palette, icons, font sizes, and some navigation mechanisms, resulting in greater efficiency in the daily tasks of the users.

As regards Lantek MES, the improvements are aimed at continuing to equip production managers with control mechanisms for the execution of shop operations. Thus, Lantek MES Manager incorporates a new extension, MES Monitoring, whose objective is to visualize, in graphic form and in real time, the sequence of queued operations in each work center. It offers different Gantt display modes, as well as different mechanisms that allow you to visually search and highlight operations based on different criteria. Also, this version enables the advanced manufacturing statistics dashboard (Advanced Manufacturing Visualization Dashboards, Manufacturing Analytics).




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