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23 June, 2023

Lantek is actively engaged in the aiXia project, which focuses on establishing collaborative Artificial Intelligence (AI) services through a federated approach. The primary objective of this initiative is to develop a secure and trustworthy data-sharing ecosystem that enables companies to leverage the data according to their specific requirements.

Under the framework of HAZITEK, Lantek is leading the project with the participation of various entities, including Mondragon Assembly, Eroski, Goizper Group, Ingeteam, Lis Data Solutions, Ubikare, as well as the Ikerlan and Koniker technology centers. The project is part of HAZITEK, a research and development program for businesses supported by the Basque Government. It is funded through the Basque Business Development Agency (SPRI Group) and utilizes the Gaia-X technological infrastructure.

The aiXia project spans over three years and aims to establish a dependable and secure data space for collaborative AI services in sectors where the Basque Country holds expertise. The project also seeks to develop a methodological approach to enable multiple certified, reliable, secure, and highly available AI services through GAIA-X. Furthermore, the project aims to lay the groundwork for a data economy strategy that fosters digital solutions based on data and high-value services, leading to the creation of innovative business models.

In essence, the aiXia project forms the foundation for designing an AI-driven infrastructure that facilitates secure data sharing among different entities. This infrastructure ensures compliance with legal requirements and stringent data protection regulations while enabling organizations to access and share unified, business-relevant information from their respective data environments.

Jose Antonio Lorenzo, the project leader and Data Area Manager at Lantek, explains the significance of data management revolution driven by aiXia: “The project aims to integrate data flows from various companies into a decentralized, scalable, next-generation architecture that optimizes decision-making and maximizes the value of information. The ultimate goal is to establish reliable data spaces that facilitate the development of new AI capabilities and foster the emergence of innovative business models.”

Trust and security

Trust and security are key principles of the aiXia project. Given the diverse range of companies involved, including those from the metal industry, travel, health, software, and more, it is crucial to create a reliable data infrastructure that ensures secure communication among participants. This infrastructure is based on Gaia-X, an open, federated, and secure data ecosystem that upholds digital sovereignty and promotes innovation. Gaia-X serves as the central platform for making data and services available, collected, and shared in a trusted environment.

By leveraging Gaia-X and with Lantek leading the way, aiXia takes a step further by integrating AI capabilities into the infrastructure. AI algorithms applied on the platform enable users to optimize existing processes, obtain real-time valuable insights, and unlock new business opportunities. The project also focuses on developing sustainable solutions with a long-term vision.

AI for business

The potential benefits of AI for businesses are evident. AI has become a differentiating factor for companies seeking to thrive in the digital transformation era. The investment in AI is expected to grow significantly, reaching €180 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 24.5%. In Spain, the application of AI and the data economy is projected to contribute €16.5 billion to GDP by 2025.

With the launch of aiXia's AI federated services, Lantek spearheads the research and development efforts to create a platform for federated services in the Sheet Metal sector. Other participating entities, such as Eroski Viajes, Mondragon Assembly, Ingeteam, Ubikare, and Goizper, focus on leveraging AI technology to optimize various aspects of their respective industries. The Ikerlan and Koniker technology centers collaborate in the technological development of aiXia.

In conclusion, the aiXia project, led by Lantek and supported by a consortium of diverse entities, is paving the way for a groundbreaking AI infrastructure that fosters secure data sharing and unlocks new possibilities for collaborative innovation. With a focus on trust, reliability, and compliance, aiXia leverages the Gaia-X ecosystem to empower companies in the Basque Country and beyond to harness the transformative potential of AI. By embracing this visionary initiative, businesses can navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, drive economic growth, and create a future where AI-driven advancements propel industries forward while upholding the highest standards of data protection and privacy.




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