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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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30 April, 2024Lantek, a pioneering multinational in the digital transformation of the sheet metal and metal cutting and processing sector, has received an award at the 0Bidean awards for its work in risk prevention and the reduction of workplace accidents.

The 0Bidean awards, organised by Mutualia, recognise those associated companies that, over the last 10 years, have contributed to the reduction of workplace accidents.

Mutualia has recognised Lantek for its involvement in its work to prevent and reduce the accident rate, implementing proactive measures such as flexibility in the selection of its workstation location, as well as the adoption of hybrid work, both for employees located at Lantek's headquarters in the Alava Technology Park (Vitoria) and for those working at the Iberdrola Tower centre (Bilbao). This model has enabled Lantek to reduce the number of incidents during in itinere transfers in recent years. In addition, the company offers its employees the option of working in the office closest to their home. This initiative not only promotes the comfort and wellbeing of workers, but also contributes to reducing the risks associated with commuting to work.

Lantek stands out for its low occupational accident rates over the last 10 years, with an average accident rate of 0% over the last 4 years.

The award ceremony was attended by Gemma Nogales, the company's Corporate Director of Human Resources, who thanked Mutualia for having granted Lantek this recognition: "This award is the result of a profound cultural change within our organisation and our company's commitment to the wellbeing of our team. As a technology company, we have adapted to new needs and trends, implementing measures such as flexible working and hybrid work. These actions have not only improved the conditions of our employees, but have also contributed significantly to reducing travel and, therefore, the associated risks" and adds "Without a doubt, it is clear that the safety of our employees is an absolute priority for Lantek, and recognitions such as this encourage us to continue rowing in this direction".

The criteria established by Mutualia for obtaining this award are based on: maintaining a downward trend in occupational accidents; not having declared serious or fatal accidents; not having declared any permanent incapacity derived from an occupational contingency; having an average annual workforce of 30 or more workers and having an adequate prevention management system.




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