Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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23 September, 2019

The automotive industry, a highly automated sector in which technologies play a key role, is experiencing a new revolution. With the phenomenon of Industry 4.0 and the arrival of smart cars, technological integration has ceased to be an option for this sector and its suppliers, to become a matter of survival; making the maintaining of a profitable, dynamic and flexible production, the commitment to innovation and the adoption of new digital tools an essential requirement, as explained by Lantek and Danobatgroup.

On the basis that digitalization is the perfect situation for a complete change in the production processes of the automotive sector, Lantek and Danobatgroup, through their sheet metal division, have worked together in the development of a software for the processing of formats prior to stamping (blanking) and which is specially designed for the cutting processes of the automobile sector.

Blanking or metal stamping technology consists of a machining process where the sheet is cut by means of presses and specific cutting dies to achieve certain metal parts.

The application of this blanking laser system cuts parts automatically and continuously, minimizes the costs generated not only by the investment itself in presses and dies, but also by adapting the ship itself to these (pits , storage areas, special foundations, etc.). Likewise, significant improvements in cost are generated due to changes in the format of parts. On the other hand, it helps reduce energy consumption compared to other alternatives, and increases the levels of efficiency and flexibility while maintaining the highest quality levels in obtaining the piece.

The objective pursued with this collaboration is twofold: on the one hand, it seeks to solve the problems of the metal industry so that it benefits from a more efficient, competitive and flexible production, maintaining the highest quality levels; and on the other, both Lantek and Danobatgroup reinforce their positioning in the environment of applications for specific sectors, such as the automotive sector, while helping customers in their transformation strategy towards the modern and intelligent company.

From this collaboration, Danobatgroup customers will incorporate the Lantek software in their coil laser cutting lines and in all their machines. Its experience in the metal sector will allow end customers to optimize processes and obtain maximum return on investments in machinery and software.




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