Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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07 July, 0216

Lagun Machine Tools S.L. is the beginning of a new stage for the Lagun milling unit that has, until now, been part of Goratu Máquinas Herramienta S.A. From 1 July, LAGUN milling machines will be manufactured by Lagun Machine Tools S.L. in its new facilities.

Lagun Machine Tools S.L. and Goratu Máquinas Herramientas S.A. will continue to be part of the Maherholding Group, the holding company that owns the two companies devoted to the design, manufacture and marketing of machine tools and components.

In the words of José Ignacio Torrecilla, the Managing Director of the Maherholding Group, "due to the significant differences between the two product lines that have coexisted at Goratu, some years ago the need was identified to provide each line with its own structure. Until now, the Lagun milling machine and Geminis lathe units have been operating separately from each other. With the creation of the new Lagun, we believe that we can better develop each unit separately, making use of the resultant synergies from the collaboration, and always under the umbrella of the Maherholding Group”. vAitor Agirre, Managing Director of Lagun Machine Tools, has spoken of the exciting challenge that lies ahead: "The Lagun milling machine brand is more than 50 years old and now we are immersed in a strategic process of vital importance and we are absolutely excited about tackling this opportunity. We are finalising the updating of the new facilities to the requirements that our production process require, and we are hoping that it will be fully operational in the Azkoitia facilities on the first of July".

Specialisation and diversification strategy

"We are convinced that we must focus on the medium-range (as regards machine dimensions) milling machine sector in order to be able to respond rapidly to demand. Each market niche has its own specifications and we believe that by specialising we will manage to respond better and more quickly to the needs of our customers".

Lagun Machine Tools has also emphasised diversification as a strategic option in the face of traditional growth. For several years, new products have been combined with new markets with the intention of opening new paths to realise synergies and complement the future of the company. An example of this is the WAAM project, which stands for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing This is an advanced manufacturing system that, instead of removing material, selectively adds material to form an object by overlaying successive layers based on a digital model.

The Maherholding Group, the holding company created in 1974 and devoted to the design, manufacture and marketing of machine tools and components has the highest turnover in the national market. Located in Eibar, Gipuzkoa, it is principally made up of the companies: Goratu, Intermaher, Shuton, Lagun Machinery, Atera Manufacturers Group and GMTK.




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