Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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09 September, 2019Productivity, increased autonomy and improved accuracy. These are the axes of Juaristi's innovation strategy, which in recent months have resulted in the development of the new TH3-MT multifunction center, optimized for turning work with maximum reliability and the new universal heads ACD7 and ACD8, designed for 5 axes machining of maximum precision.

Juaristi, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of premium machining solutions, will use the 2019 EMO fair to present the most disruptive developments of the last year. On this occasion the company will show the benefits of the new TH3-MT multifunction center, its commitment to satisfy customers who demand a set capable of performing multiple machining techniques with high productivity and precise results, and the new range of 5-axis universal heads.

New range of heads
Juaristi heads have great recognition in the market due to their robustness and good performance. Now the design department of the company gives a new blow of effect with a model of universal 5 axes head that will allow precise milling, turning and boring, reducing the time of change of tool. The result of this innovation effort has been the development of not one, but two leading universal head models aimed at different types of users: the ACD7 and the ACD8.

The ACD7 stands out for its double axis of continuous rotation (horizontal and 45º) and for achieving very fast repositioning movements (from 0 to 180º in 7 seconds). Regarding capabilities and performance, they offer a turning speed of up to 6,000rpm.

On the other hand, the new ACD8 head is a development that incorporates all the ACD7 technology but also allows making turning operations with the head itself. It has a continuous rotation axis at 45º with double pinion system, with spindle speeds up to 8,000rpm. Due to the automatic change of the accessory for turning, the head allows demanding turning operations thanks to his robustness.

In both models, thanks to its fast positioning times and interpolation capacity with the rest of the axes, a drastic reduction in tool change times is achieved, increasing productivity significantly.

These new developments are framed within the C.A.S.T. (connectivity, automation, service and technology), concepts that govern JUARISTI's relationship with its customers. These areas will focus on the effort in innovation and development of the company in order to meet all customer needs with maximum versatility, improve companies through high-level services and build connected machines that cooperate efficiently and intelligently.

JUARISTI, experts in manufacturing milling and boring solutions and multifunction centers, has been a reference in the machine tool sector for more than 75 years. Its headquarters are located in Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa) and its product range covers all configurations of milling machines, boring machines and multifunction centers.




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