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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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17 April, 2018

IZAR CUTTING TOOLS S.A.L. has reached a collaboration agreement with UNICEF to collaborate in its “Multiply for Children” initiative.

This two-year agreement (2018-19) consists, among other actions, in an financial donation earmarked for UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” programme in favour of child education in 13 African countries.

The aim of this initiative, developed in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, is to create a safe and protective environment for learning, above all in the case of Sub-Saharan African girls, who are still vulnerable on the grounds of gender, poverty and region.

The objectives that the programme aims to implement in schools of Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Serra Leone, Angola, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique and Zimbabwe include raising community awareness about girls attending school, protecting them from school violence, training them in life skills, training teachers in gender equality and constructing adequate health facilities for them.

In addition to the financial contribution, noteworthy is the commitment of IZAR to disseminate – through its regular communication channels – the NGO’s emergency calls, as well as carrying out awareness-raising actions for employees, customers and suppliers.

All of this is framed within the corporate social responsibility policy that IZAR is trying to strengthen with new initiatives each year, both on a national and international level.

In the photo we can see the managing director of IZAR, Carlos Pujana, at the agreement signature event, together with Isidro Elexgari, President of UNICEF Euskadi.

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