Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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21 March, 2022

IZAR, the leading manufacturer of cutting tools on the Spanish market, has just held its annual France sales convention in Bilbao with its France sales team, which together with its Spain and Portugal sales forces make up its natural market, in which it showcases its 24-hour service.

This service excellence, together with its product quality, competitive pricing, and consistent availability of well-managed stock, is what has seen IZAR’s sales sky-rocket by no less than 24% in 2021 on the highly demanding French market, where it has been a key player for several years now.

In addition, thanks to its manufacturing capacity and the reliability that this brings to its clients all over Europe, IZAR has secured significant agreements in recent years with a large part of the main purchasing groups and key players in French tool distribution, as part of its long-term strategy on this market.

With service levels of 99% on lines served within the day, thanks to its constant investment and logistics improvement policy, IZAR is growing by the day in terms of the number and significance of its French customers, who greatly value the service and care they receive, giving the Amorebieta-based firm excellent ratings for these points in a recent customer satisfaction survey.

In order to continue strengthening its presence even further, at this event, IZAR presented its two new 2022 catalogues, one geared towards the industrial and technical market, and the other to the professional construction sector, with numerous new features including its ever-growing range of hard metal tools targeted at the more technical user and the most demanding applications.

For instance, new special milling tools for composites, high-performance three-prong bits, both in hard metal, as well as a significant expansion of the range of inserts and state-of-the-art insert holders. In the professional chapter, a key feature is the renewal of its cutting oil range and the increasing importance of attractive, practical packaging at the point of sale.




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