Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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14 June, 2023

Through the innovation, specialisation, growth, sustainability and learning obtained throughout 60 years’ experience in the sector, SORALUCE SUMMIT 2023 showcases the leadership spirit of SORALUCE, focusing on growth, efforts, inconformity, commitment and perseverance.

Within the investment framework of DANOBATGROUP, which has an overall budget of 35 million euros for expanding and modernising the facilities of DANOBAT in Elgoibar, GOIMEK in Itziar and SORALUCE in Bergara, this cooperative and world leader in milling, boring and multi-function technology has invested over 15 million euros to consolidate all its activity in the area of Osintxu and Mekolalde.

On 14 June, the President of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkullu Renteria, inaugurated a new assembly plant at the SORALUCE headquarters. The new 2,530 m2 space, in addition with the existing facilities, bring the total manufacturing surface area to 30,000 m2. To undertake this investment SORALUCE was supported by the Basque Government's Bilakatu grant scheme and agreements signed with the Bergara local council in 2019 and 2021.

The inauguration was also attended by other authorities, such as Gorka Artola and Iker Aldazabal, acting Mayors of Bergara and Soraluze; Igor Gauna, acting Director of the Osintxu district council; Arantxa Tapia, Regional Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment; Javier Larrañaga, acting Representative for Economic Promotion, Tourism and the Rural Environment; Iñigo Ucin, President of the MONDRAGON Corporation; Pello Rodriguez, CEO of the DANOBATGROUP; Nerea Aranguren, Director of Innovation at DANOBATGROUP; Xabier Alzaga, Managing Director of DANOBAT; Aitor Txurruka, Managing Director of GOIMEK; and also Pepe Perez and Xabier Ortueta, President and CEO of AFM, respectively, among other authorities and representatives from the different administrations.

The commitment to growing the company's activity and creating jobs in the area is underpinned by expanding the offering of products and solutions and significant investments in new production plants and manufacturing resources. The inauguration of this new assembly plant takes place within this framework and will enable SORALUCE to increase its production capacity even further, delivering a better service to its clients at the same time.

The plant also hosted the world presentation of the New Performance Line with live demonstrations. This new line represents a significant advancement in the company's capacity to offer cutting-edge solutions to the industry's most demanding challenges. In a scenario in which the industrial sectors require increasingly advanced technological solutions to tackle their future challenges, SORALUCE has taken another step forward by expanding its range of milling machines, boring machines and multifunction and automation solutions.

SORALUCE is firmly committed to sustainability throughout the entire value chain for the commissioning of activities that make it possible to develop its activity and its corporate social project. Thus, the new assembly plant is designed from a sustainable perspective and will be LEED GOLD certified.

The new plant is fitted with photovoltaic panels, just like the other SORALUCE manufacturing plants. The Basque company auto-generates solar power using solar panels installed on different production plants with the aim of reducing network electricity consumption by 30% and cutting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

SORALUCE has also acquired a new 3,500 m2 space adjacent to its headquarters, to expand its advanced workhead manufacturing centre. This space is where the company currently designs, manufactures and tests the different workheads built into its machines and it will be inaugurated in 2024. This investment also covers acquiring a new machine for manufacturing these workheads.

Osintxu Bizi

The prosperity of a territory is inextricably linked to the progress of its industrial and business fabric, however, only cutting-edge companies understand that their development is also inextricably linked to their surroundings. It’s a sort of symbiosis that promotes conscious and constant growth for both parties over time. Hence, industry and the degree to which it modernises plays a significant role in balancing the population and highly-skilled jobs in the Basque Country.

In 2019, the Basque Country declared Osintxu to be a Run-down Area and that was when, with the support of the Bergara Local Council, the collaboration of local entities, residents and cooperatives SORALUCE and LKS KREAN, the Osintxu Bizi project was created.

SORALUCE supports and promotes project Osintxu Bizi to regenerate and improve the area, encompassing actions of all kinds (infrastructures, amenities, sustainability, services, jobs, etc.) with the shared goal of generating prosperity and securing the future survival of the community. Opening this new plant is part of SORALUCE’s commitment to the community. In addition to increasing production activity and facilities, the project will generate new jobs directly and indirectly in the area. Furthermore, project Osintxu Bizi covers actions of all kinds around several of the SDGs; (1) Affordable and clean energy, (2) decent work and economic growth, (3) industry, innovation and infrastructure, and (4) sustainable communities

“At SORALUCE we are very aware of the importance of the role we play. So, with the pride of sharing in a common history and the logic of giving back to those who gave to us first, we have made our driving force the driving force of Osintxu through an ambitious project to promote the community’s progress with a multi-dimensional approach that covers economic, urban, environmental and human factors. To create a cutting-edge society based on cutting-edge technology. To create real value in people and in the environment,” explained Rafel Idigoras, managing director of the cooperative.




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