Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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06 September, 2019

Innovalia Metrology, with presence in more than 15 countries, will present its M3 measuring platform at the EMO (hall 6 stand E02). A universal muti-system quality management platform that allows managing the quality of the process at any stage. Innovalia Metrology, thanks to its own M3 technology, has developed different products that allow optimizing the measurement and production processes by presenting direct applications in different processes, thus representing the complete integration of M3 in a single workflow.

In addition to solutions that allow the management, control and evaluation of quality in machine tools, in CMM, in the production line itself with a portable 3D arm or with measurement models, Innovalia Metrology also has verification, calibration and of statistical analysis for the evaluation and optimization of the process itself.

Innovalia Metrology will present during the EMO, M3MH, the complete measurement software for machine tools of the Basque group that allows shortening manufacturing times by introducing a complete metrological software in machine tools. M3MH, in addition to making it possible to inspect the part inside the machine, allows the user to do the verification and the set up from an intuitive graphic interface with direct connection to his CNC.

Having advanced measurement capabilities included in the machine tool itself and that these are easily manageable is the dream of any mechaniser, since it directly contributes to the reduction of the number of parts manufactured incorrectly. Knowing this need, for years, companies in the sector have been developing different solutions, most of them based on G codes to maintain the sector's own languages, which apart from subtracting functionality, and makes the solution much more expensive.

M3MH is a measurement software that allows you to verify, perform the set and measure optimally and easily. With M3MH, Innovalia Metrology allows establishing direct communication with the machine tool controls from the measurement software itself and breaks with the current paradigm of packaging functions offering a complete measurement software that allows the user to direct the machine tool from his computer, from a software with an intuitive graphic interface that allows all functions to be performed.

M3MH combined with the verification artifacts helps to maximize the performance and precision of the machine tool, returning to become a reference of the commitment of Innovalia Metrology with the technological development oriented to the resolution of problems.




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