Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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05 July, 2018

Sometimes, really multipurpose taps are required to provide high yields in different materials. Until not very long ago, this was an insurmountable challenge, but through a combination of intensive development work and the latest available technologies, Hepyc has created the MULTI and SYNCHRO series to achieve excellent results in a wide range of materials.
The main characteristics of these taps are:
 ·        They are made of the best powder metallurgy steels.
 ·        Latest-generation surface coatings to achieve maximum resistance as well as the least friction possible.
 ·        Latest microfinish technology to prolong the useful life of the tool to a maximum.
 ·        Special geometry according to the type of machinery in which they are going to be used: MULTI, for non-CNC and SYNCHRO machinery, for CNC centres.

The most outstanding advantages are:
·        High yield in steels and other alloys up to 1200 N/mm2, stainless steel, grey cast iron and aluminium.
·        High cutting speeds with reduced cycle times.
·        Maximum surface finish quality of the threads produced.
·        Perfect shaving formation and extraction.
·        Excellent repeatability.

We have the following references:
 Refs. 2254 to 2257 – MULTI for non-CNC machinery
 Refs. 2258 to 2261 – SYNCHRO for CNC centres




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