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30 January, 2023

HEPYC has launched its new range of forming taps which, unlike thread cutting taps, shape the screw through metal forming.

The main advantages of forming taps compared to thread cutting taps are summarised as follows:

  • They do not generate swarf. Same tap for blind holes and through holes.
  • Option to screw blind holes up to 4xD.
  • Better performance and cutting speed.
  • Same tap for a wide range of materials as long as they have a minimum length of 10-12% and a maximum resistance of 1,200 N/mm2.
  • Greater resistance to tears and screw fatigue.

On the other hand, a series of requirements should be taken into account:

  • Higher torque (100-200%) than cutting taps.
  • Importance of pre-drilling: larger diameter and precision than in cutting taps.
  • Need for constant and abundant lubrication.

Hepyc has developed and improved both the geometry and the level of surface finish to achieve the minimum possible friction and increase performance, as well as the quality of the screws produced. The taps are specially designed based on the following specific features:

  • Manufactured in top-quality powder metallurgy (HSSE-PM).
  • State-of-the-art surface coatings and polish treatments to achieve the minimum possible friction.
  • Special design of the faces and vertices of the bay to achieve the minimum possible friction.
  • Shorter screw lengths than cutting taps to reduce torque effort.
  • Greasing grooves to ensure proper lubrication needed in screws from 1.5xD.
  • Tolerances added for “X” to offset wear and lengthen the useful life of the tool.

There are two reference groups:

  • Refs. 2187-2188 for tolerance 6HX
  • Refs. 2215-2216 for tolerance 6GX
  • Refs. 2213-2214 for tolerance 6HX with greasing grooves
  • Refs. 2217-2218 for tolerance 6GX with greasing grooves




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