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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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22 June, 2023

In the world of screws, there are details that can go unnoticed at first glance but that make a huge difference to the quality of the tools used. Now, a new technology is revolutionising this field. We present HEPYC screw taps with innovative MicroFinish technology.

What is this technology about? After grinding the screw tap, a meticulous burr cleaning and edge rounding process is carried out, known as MicroFinish Technology. This micro-finishing has a significant impact on the wear and tear of the tool, offering superior control and stability, which results in noticeably better performance.

In addition to increasing performance, MicroFinish Technology also focuses on improving screw finishes. Thanks to this advancement, high quality screwed surface results are obtained, which means better precision and more resilient joints.

Screws manufactured using this technology are notable for their superior surface quality, thanks to two key effects. Firstly, the rounded geometry along the cutting edge of the screw tap enables continuous, even cutting of the screw into the part. And, secondly, the reduced surface roughness of the screw tap reduces friction during screwing, which results in a better quality screw in terms of surface.

The useful life of the tool is prolonged thanks to the MicroFinish Technology. The rounded finish and the controlled and steady wear of the cutting edge prevent particles from being generated and reduce the risk of premature breakages, regardless of shape or size.




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