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07 July, 2015

The CREMA Project (Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) seeks to develop control systems in real time that will permit keeping ahead of possible faults in critical components of machines, and take corrective and preventive actions.

Power transmission components (brakes, clutches, rotation systems, cams, etc.) are key parts of large-scale production equipment and machinery for different production sectors. These components working at full operating capacity and for long periods of time are key aspects in the effectiveness and efficiency of the production processes. Preventive control systems are vital to avoid faults and possible technical problems.

Goizper participates in the European Project CREMA that will develop different cloud-based computer tools to help companies optimise their production resources. The new technologies will permit constant monitoring of the machine operation, helping companies know when is the right moment to replace a specific component of the machine. Thus, maximum performance will be achieved with the machine components, and at the same time the appearance of faults will be prevented.

These tools will permit real-time data capture from machines in the production plants, storing them, monitoring them and performing a continuous analysis of the evolution of the control indicators.

If a problem is detected, for example, in the quality standards of a process or in the anomalous operation of a critical component of a machine, an alarm will be launched that will start a collaborative process between the different parties involved in a repair: the company using the machine, the component supplier and the technical assistance service.

The aim with this is to drastically reduce the time and costs of the interventions, increasing the available capacity of the production resources.

Apart from Goizper, companies such as Fagor Arrasate, Ascora also participate, as well as another seven entities from four European countries, together with the IK4-Ikerlan Technology Centre.

The CREMA Project is financed by Horizon 2020, the EU R&D Support programme and it has a budget of more than 5 million Euros. It is framed within the ‘Factories of the Future’ initiative. It is foreseen to last for 3 years.

One of the plenary meetings that are held every 6 months between the companies and technology centres that form part of the CREMA European project took place at Goizper’s facilities from 29 June to 1 July.

The monitoring of the project was carried out as well as an analysis of the different work areas in terms of architecture, programming languages – software, protocols, tools and solutions.

The future and revolution of the industrial sectors is giving rise to the Smart Factory or Industry 4.0. Technology experts and industry gurus define it as the computerised version of the factory where all its process are connected and interact together.

Data connection, machines, people and smart robots that work in a friendly manner in the production processes and in the products derived from them, improve efficiency and reduce incidents and technical assistance times.

Companies of the production sector must prepare and adapt their work processes for the “internet of things”.




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