Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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27 October, 2022

Every day, new technologies are driving an industry that is increasingly 4.0, with business performance and productivity increasing thanks to new developments, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, there is a growing number of companies providing these services and seeking to assist their customers with these innovations. Vixion is one such company. A Gipuzkoa-based business that multinational corporation Ford has included on its vendor list.

Since its foundation in 2017, created by Gipuzkoa-based software company Spyro and the Basque technology centre Tecnalia, 350 machines around the world have connected to this IoT industrial platform which provides access to a full ecosystem of applications to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Five years ago, companies like Ibarmia, Zayer and Correa placed their trust in Vixion when it emerged as a developer and marketer of advanced solutions for Industry 4.0 with the goal of advancing in the development of intelligent factories.

At that time, according to Vixion manager, César Viniegra Martín, “there was still no great awareness about connectivity and data analytics in the industrial setting”. However, Viniegra states that the situation has changed since the pandemic and opportunities have opened up for companies like his: “These days, no machine manufacturer thinks twice about including in their equipment systems to enable remote connection to a machine in order to diagnose issues remotely”.

In the five years the company has been in operation, the manager highlights the work invested in understanding the needs of its clients and offering solutions that will enable them to improve their production costs or cut down on after-sales costs. That has been one of the key factors for getting on the vendor list of Ford, the benchmark corporation in the digitalisation field and in process innovation.

Since Vixion started up, the machine-tool manufacturers working with the company have also evolved and Vixion has offered them increasingly complex solutions “which enable them to shift into servitisation”. In fact, according to Viniegra, when it started out Vixion was very closely tied to the machine-tool sector, whereas “little by little we are moving towards other industrial segments where our products fit in perfectly, such as industrial laundries or reactors for generating green hydrogen, among others.”  

“We are sure that the experience gleaned over these years makes us an excellent choice for companies that need a partner to help them advance on the path to process digitalisation and, as a result, to improved competitiveness,” he says. Thus, he believes that the future presents itself full of big opportunities: “It is evident that there is greater awareness among most sectors about digitalisation and more specifically the industrial sector. Things are evolving very fast and in this highly demanding setting Vixion has adapted well. The company recently changed ownership and we are confident that this will be an incentive for the growth that we are hoping Vixion will achieve in Spain in the coming years”. 

One of the goals of the SPRI Group is the digital transformation of Basque companies. This is promoted through digitalisation grant schemes such as Basque Industry 4.0, BDIH Konexio, Ciberseguridad Industrial, Enpresa Digitala or Inplantalariak, among others.

Source: Spri.




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